Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 7, 2013

Maryland Chamber of Commerce endorsed Perez for Labor Secretary; state regulator wrote their letter

Readers, you may have heard this news already, but I’m quickly posting it so that we can keep our extensive Thomas Perez archive up to date.  Perez, as you know, is presently the right-hand man to Eric Holder in the US Justice Department as head of the Civil Rights Division.  I call him Maryland’s gift to Obama because Maryland’s leading Republicans at the time (former Minority Leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, Tony O’Donnell and former MDGOP Chairman John Kane) endorsed him for the position with Holder.

Perez went on to squash most attempts by states to administer voter ID programs prior to the November re-election of Barack Obama; went after law enforcement agencies in many states including states like Arizona attempting to get its illegal alien problems under control; and he is surely behind the Justice Department’s involvement in what happened in Tennessee this week where a US attorney suggested that one could possibly face criminal charges if one spoke negatively about Islam.  The folks in Tennessee didn’t appreciate the bullying.

Now Perez, a former CASA de Maryland board member, is up for a promotion to Labor Secretary and this time Maryland business leaders via the Maryland Chamber of Commerce are endorsing him and are too lazy or too incompetent to write their own letter of endorsement and simply signed-off on a draft written by a state regulator.

I said this would be quick, so please go to our Perez archive (one of the most thorough anywhere, I think!) on Thomas Perez (click here) to learn about a man who is an anathema to Tea Partiers and like-minded conservatives.

Mark my words Perez will come back to Maryland and run for higher office one day and you need to know how dangerous he is and that the Chamber and people like Del. Tony O’Donnell (here is his 2009 letter) and the Kane family support him (to my knowledge, neither have ever disavowed those letters). John Kane is married to Mary Kane, Bob Ehrlich’s running mate who is still, I believe, employed by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.  Cozy huh!

Here is the story yesterday from the Washington Examiner (hat tip: Judy):

A March letter by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce endorsing Labor Secretary nominee Thomas Perez was secretly written by a top official at the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, newly-released internal emails show.

The person who actually wrote the chamber’s Perez endorsement was Scott Jensen, the department’s deputy secretary.  Jensen is a close ally of  Perez. Jensen was a special assistant to Perez during the latter’s tenure as DLLR secretary.

Maryland Chamber President and CEO Kathleen Snyder made only two minor changes to Jensen’s draft endorsement letter, including correcting Jensen’s misspelling of her name before publishing it with her signature.   [LOL!  Did Jensen also pen the Tony O’Donnell letter, on Maryland General Assembly letterhead?—ed]

Jensen’s emails were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by Americans for Limited Government, a conservative nonprofit group. The emails, which are from Jensen’s state-provided account, were subsequently provided to the Washington Examiner.

No explicit quid pro quo is mentioned in the exchanges between Jensen and Snyder, but  the fact a top state official secretly put words in the mouth of a regulated group’s CEO endorsing the Perez nomination raises serious ethical issues. If nothing else, the incident points to the extraordinarily close relations between state regulators and the business community.

There is much more, please read it all!  Note that some of the same themes are hit in the Jensen/Chamber letter as are mentioned in the O’Donnell letter, basically that Perez works across the aisle (what a joke!).

How grateful was Jensen for the Chamber’s endorsement of Perez?  This grateful:

“I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” Jensen wrote back. “Thank you so much.”

Imagine a professional man writing such a note. Yuk!

About the photo:  You can find it here at The Hayride.


  1. Another example of cozy relationships, political whoring, trumping the public good.

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