Posted by: Judy K. Warner | May 31, 2013

Apathetic liberals — so those voters weren’t dedicated activists?

Ha! Since the November elections we’ve heard a lot about how conservatives are demoralized and apathetic.  Now that we have some scandals threatening the liberal monopoly on everything, the Obama administration is in a state of confusion, and some of our legislators are showing their fighting spirit, we’re raring to go.  And it’s liberals who are demoralized.  Jim Geraghty at NR’s Campaign Spot has a post, Liberals Experiencing Post-Election Letdown and Losing Interest, with some interesting media viewership figures.  MSNBC is way down, even more than it’s been.

He quotes a post on a liberal blog titled Liberal Retreat:

The online left has seen a steep decline in traffic since the election as well, which indicates to me that our audience in general is simply not interested in following politics at the moment. . . .

. . . My impression is that liberals are either bored or disillusioned right now for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a liberal majority has been effectively obstructed and the president seems to be ineffectual. (I realize that political scientists tell us that the presidency isn’t very powerful, but most people don’t believe that since we’ve extolled the office as the most powerful on earth for decades.)

We’ve been through a number of elections, crises, other ups and downs over the past decade but I’ve not seen anything like the drop in interest over the past few months….it’s happening across the liberal media spectrum. I don’t [k]now what the answer is, but it isn’t that there isn’t a permanent audience. There was until very recently. It’s that the liberal audience is tuning out and one can only assume it’s because they don’t like what they see in our politics.

It makes me a little bit more concerned for 2014/2016 than I otherwise would be.

Well, it makes me a lot more optimistic about 2014 at least.  And maybe 2016 too.  You know those low-information voters as Rush Limbaugh calls them?  Most of them are completely tied to Obama and have no other interest in politics besides hero worship of The One.  He’s been re-elected, he’s not running for anything, and there’s nothing to interest them since he’s not going from triumph to triumph and he’s too distracted to find many goodies to offer.  Further, if at least some Republicans start acting like conservatives, those voters who didn’t show up last time might come back.

And if the IRS revelations lead to more Tea Party and other groups getting their tax status and becoming re-involved, even better.

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