Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 16, 2013

Just some Muslims out for a midnight walk at a Massachusetts reservoir…move along, nothing to see

This story, hat-tip Cathy, should ring some alarm bells!  Chemical engineering grads out for a little study!  More likely a dry run!

Quabbin Reservoir, Boston’s water supply!

Here is the AP report (Quabbin Reservoir Tests Normal After Trespassing):

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. — Testing done on water samples from the Quabbin Reservoir showed no abnormalities after seven people were seen at a reservoir park entrance shortly after midnight, officials said Wednesday.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority said water quality samples were analyzed at its lab Tuesday and all came back normal after the alleged trespassing incident.

The central Massachusetts reservoir supplies drinking water to Boston.

State police spokesman David Procopio said a trooper saw two cars parked at a reservoir park entrance at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, then saw five young men and two young women walking toward them from the reservoir. Procopio said Tuesday that the men told police they recently graduated from chemical engineering programs and were curious about the reservoir.

Procopio said they are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore with addresses in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland and Northampton, and New York City. He said law enforcement databases show no warrants, detainers or advisories on them.   [There were no warrants or detainers out for those Boston Chechens either—ed]

Read it all.

Learn more about the Quabbin Reservoir, one of two sources of drinking water for Boston, here.



  1. We can trust Muslims as much as we can trust the IRS.

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