Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 16, 2013

Chris Matthews: The thrill is gone!

Watch and laugh here at Politico!

I thought this day would never come!

On a serious note, everyone is talking about the three big scandals—the IRS, Benghazi, and the AP phone taps.  But, have we already forgotten, only four weeks ago we learned about the intelligence failure that resulted in the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  There are four major Obama Administration scandals!


  1. Anne,
    The number of major scandels in this ‘administration’ would include a list too long to count. But, what is “major” depends on who is doing the “counting” Right? I’m just glad that the people who have been consistently counting “0” have learned to count to “1” — that’s progress in a child less than one — which is the mental brain-power capability of your typical low-information demoncrat, kool-aid addict.

  2. I don’t find anything funny about Chris Matthews’ leg losing its “tingle.” It’s too late. All that matters is that the media kept things under wraps long enough to get Obama re-elected. Now we’re stuck with him. The GOP leadership lacks the guts to impeach Obama, so these “scandals” are just covering up the REAL scandal, which is the conspiracy of BOTH parties to give amnesty to 11+ million illegal aliens and import another 22 million foreign scabs over the next decade.

    • Thanks Paul, Agreed! Sorry didn’t see this sooner but the refugee terrorists are coming so hot and heavy at RRW, that I hadn’t been back here since I wrote about Tingles…

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