Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 4, 2013

National Review photoshops Grover Norquist out of magazine cover photo

The magazine cover is entitled “Rubio’s Folly.”  The cynic that I’ve become says conservative National Review/NRO is protecting their ol’ buddy Norquist but everyone knows that the Open Borders pusher and Islamist is a key driving force behind “comprehensive” immigration reform and a Rubio confidante.

Here Grover has Rubio’s back (from Talking Points Memo):

Grover’s unsmiling puss can be seen between laughing Rubio and mildly amused McCain. The joke is on you, the American taxpayer and worker!

And here is the cover shot for National Review:

Presto! No Grover!

For our complete archive on Grover Norquist (he is NOT a Tea Partier and neither is Rubio) go here.  Grover has firmly aligned himself with the likes of La Raza (the race!).  Marco Rubio should back out of his folly NOW if he has aspirations for higher office.

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