Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 30, 2013

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Bomber Mom, Zubeidat, poster girl for LEGAL immigrants on welfare?

There is so much happening and I’m getting hundreds of new readers at Refugee Resettlement Watch, that I just don’t have any extra time to write here at PTPR (for now).

Visit my latest post, Tsarnaevs milked taxpayers for over $100,000 in benefits (asylees are welcome to welfare!)

And, this is our top post at RRW this past week:  Laura Ingraham calls for a halt to all Muslim immigration.

Thanks Ted Kennedy!

Then follow me on twitter.  I’m Ann C @RefugeeWatcher

Sincere thanks to Jim J. for prodding me to join the twitter age!



  1. Agree! Stop Muslim immigration dead in its tracks and begin a process of denying renewals of Visa’s and do not allow any to become citizens. Why? Because their basic core beliefs are antithetical to freedom, Christianity, and our Holy Scripture. Islam is a political creed as much as a religious creed.

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