Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 24, 2013

Tweeting and blogging is where it’s at!

Workshop this Saturday, Frederick! You are not too old to learn something new! Be there!

I haven’t had much time to post here at Potomac Tea Party Report recently because Refugee Resettlement Watch is hopping as a result of the revelation that the Boston Marathon bombers got into the US as political refugees (see my posts on the subject here).

The issue of abuse of our Legal immigration system has been near and dear to me since 2007.

Tonight I am nagging conservative readers to write a blog and sign-up for  twitter. 

I was initially reluctant to participate in those two forms of social media—blogging 6 years ago and more recently I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to open a twitter account, but am so glad I did!  I used to check Drudge a zillion times a day, but no more because all I have to do is go to twitter where I have selected some great people to follow and boom—instant updates from people I respect (and from some I oppose too—it’s always good to know what the other side is saying).

For example, on last Friday morning (very early!) Drudge wasn’t even up to capture the breaking news, but my twitter friends were on top of  it and had been apparently reporting all night.

And, now, if I see some good articles I want to pass along, I tweet them out!  So…..

Follow me on Twitter!  Ann C@RefugeeWatcher

As for blogging, anyone can do it! 

And, please let me recommend that you choose something to blog about that actually provides a service.  Pick a topic and become the expert on it.  Don’t be a gadfly running your mouth on this issue or that one (like I have been here at PTPR).  And, take it from me, don’t try to do two blogs at once (if you want to have a life).

Since the mainstream media has virtually given up on investigative journalism, we citizen journalists must become the investigators.  Honestly in an hour or two a day, you could become an expert on such juicy topics as food stamp fraud or medicare fraud, or on a slimy politician, or on a Leftwing group, or on Agenda 21 and property rights, or research your local school system curriculum and budget or expose what your county government is doing to waste money.  You get my drift!  Be a resource for all of us!

So, what I am working up to is that there is still time to sign up for MD CAN’s workshop on Social media (Twitter and blogging) this Saturday, April 27th, in Frederick.  Go here for info. on signing up.  If you don’t want to sign-up on line, just show up on Saturday with a check (and your laptop, or whatever).


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