Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 22, 2013

Senate Judiciary Committee steamrolls ahead with hearings on “comprehensive” immigration reform

Update:  Obama gang to hold immigration Day of Action for Commie, May Day, week here.  They gotta get this done before the damage from Boston metastasizes.

It seems that Boston didn’t slow anyone down—the amnesty pushers will be back today on Capitol Hill peddling their wares.   We are even hearing arguments that the Boston bombings wouldn’t have happened if we had amnesty—I kid you not!

This came to me in an e-mail this morning, hat tip: Paul. Erickson would call this shameful too I suppose, but this one small graphic expresses the feelings of many Americans.

See the list of those testifying today—there are some we know and respect including Kris Kobach, Mark Krikorian, Steve Camarato, and Chris Crane.  It there are others on the list on the side of restraint, I don’t know them.

Of course, the emperor with no clothes, Grover Norquist, is on the list.

Erick Erickson at Red State this morning pretty much sums up where we are with his morning briefing:

“I have seen shameful things.”

Describing himself as a “squish” on immigration, beginning in pleasant tones he goes on to blast the Republicans, especially Grover Norquist, for the dirty tactics being employed.  The pleasant tones at the outset are definitely gone when he says (among other things):

I have seen people whore their faith in the name of immigration reform.”

Here is Erickson after admitting he thinks we need some reform, but that comprehensive is not the way to go (emphasis mine):

Saying all of that, I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the games being played by pro-immigration advocates on the right, including staff in Senator Marco Rubio’s office, Grover Norquist, and others.  [Readers, be sure to read the Breitbart report about dirty tricks involving Norquist and Rubio used against Jim DeMint and Heritage over the cost to taxpayers of this legislation.  I was going to post on it until I saw this Red State piece.—ed]  [Update!  Heritage/DeMint fires back, here. Bill will cost taxpayers trillions!]

They are attacking other conservatives who disagree with them as racists, slavery supporters, bigots, haters, baby killers, un-Christian, etc. They are waging a coordinated attack between Senator Rubio’s office and others against conservative stalwarts like the Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.

They are proposing a plan that thus far appears to be unworkable, is wholly too complicated, and is a distraction from issues that we could all agree on in the name of getting a plan acceptable to Democrats. In the process, their attacks on conservatives designed to intimidate, browbeat, and silence them opens old wounds and does exactly what the Democrats hoped to do — divide the right and play directly to the fears of Hispanic voters who have for so long seen political leaders of both parties demagogue the issue.

Many of the people who want an immigration solution frankly could care less about hispanic voters. They see this as an issue the GOP has to get right on and they will do whatever it takes to get right on the issue. They are playing political games. Seeing self-styled conservatives and libertarians trying to pass any legislation that is labeled “comprehensive” should always be a red flag.

I have seen friends paint others as racists, as sympathizers to abortion advocates, and as haters all to try to steam roll through their preferred policy solution. I have seen good conservative organizations attacked and lumped in with fringe groups. I have seen mainstream groups characterized as fringe. I have seen people whore their faith in the name of immigration reform.

I have seen shameful things. What will be the cost paid in these attacks? These are not liberals attacking, but other members of the center-right. They now claim that maybe Boston would not have happened had this bill been passed or, at worst, at least with this bill millions of new immigrations coming into the country will be known instead of unknown.*** I’m sure the dead eight year old and his family will be consoled by that.

I want an immigration reform plan that will solve the problems we now have with unskilled workers who come here illegally. I am not sure that the proposed plan will do that. What I do know is that conservatives should be deeply skeptical of Republicans who call upstanding conservatives racists and baby killers while allying themselves with the race baiters and baby killers of the left on this issue.

See our entire archive on Grover Norquist—Open borders Islamist—one day we will all know how Grover Norquist whored America—perhaps for his faith!

***Readers the alleged Boston bombers were known to us.  They came to the US as refugees and we supported them for ten plus years with social services and education.  The “comprehensive reform” bill, being discussed today in the Senate Judiciary Committee, has a section on refugees which seeks to make it easier for more refugees to enter the US with even less security screening than is happening at the moment.

See all of my posts on the Boston Bomber Brothers, here, at RRW.



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