Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 19, 2013

Hey, Gang of Eight! Are you still holding that immigration expansion hearing this morning?

Update:  Hearing wrecked by Boston chaos created by Borat Brothers.  Janet Napolitano a no show! (Daily Caller).  Is Immigration Reform DOA?

As far as I can tell, the  hearing scheduled on the massive Immigration bill crafted behind closed doors by eight US Senators is still on for this morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Gee, you would think that John McAmnesty and his side-kick Marco Rubio, might face a few tough national security questions in light of the war zone in Boston this morning

Update!  NBC News (on twitter) and other outlets are reporting the killers are Chechen (Muslim) brothers… will post here as soon as we know which accounts are accurate.

I’ll keep you posted if I hear about whether the immigration hearing is  called off as it was earlier this week.

Update!   Twitter reports now are that the Judiciary Committee hearing on the Immigration bill is still on with Janet Napolitano on the hot seat.

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  1. Wow, in the past two weeks we’ve had threats of – nuclear war from North Korea; the UN Small Arm Treaty; Assault Weapons Ban; the Boston Marathon bombs; the TX fertilizer explosion; … and ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ … not to mention the new bird flu; the Monsanto Protection Act; and CISPA. Pardon me if I feel like we are in war – being attacked from all sides.

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