Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 4, 2013

Will Marco Rubio choose Tea Party or cocktail party? Help him decide!

Update April 5th:  Open borders/big business axis getting worried that Rubio is looking for the exit!  YES!

That is the question Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies asks in a tweet this morning as his latest piece on amnesty for “undocumented Democrats” is posted at NRO.  Mr. Krikorian has been doing some of the best writing on the whole “comprehensive immigration reform” issue I’ve seen.

Of course what he is referring to is whether the Florida Senator, considered the lynchpin of the bill being secretly drafted, has already left his Tea Party roots and joined the Washington DC Ruling Class.

Rubio: Tea Party or cocktail party? Help him decide!

Here is Krikorian on Rubio (emphasis mine):

Senator Marco Rubio is the man of the hour. He has deftly positioned himself as the indispensable figure in this year’s immigration debate.

His participation has given the Gang of Eight approach to amnesty some insulation from grassroots conservative criticism, at least for a time. Liberals in Congress understand that his imprimatur is essential to get Republican votes for the amnesty.

But Rubio’s position as a bridge between the parties on immigration means he faces conflicting demands. He wants to ride success on immigration to the 2016 presidential nomination but has also made hard commitments to conservatives about what provisions will have to be in the bill — provisions that Democrats have rejected.

Illegal aliens will get Obamacare:

The opportunities to walk away are already piling up. Rubio has said amnesty would be “undoable” if the amnestied illegals would be eligible for Obamacare. Yet all Senate Democrats, plus two Republicans, voted last month against an amendment that would have barred amnestied illegals from receiving federally subsidized health care.

Rubio says he wants careful deliberation of the bill so we won’t have an Obamacare Deja Vu where the bill had to be passed inorder for us to know what was in it.

Krikorian continues:

Rubio has also said he won’t go along with any bill that is rammed through Congress, à la Obamacare. When Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Pat Leahy said in a letter that the immigration bill, once introduced, would be acted on “with all deliberate speed,” Rubio insisted on “hearings that explore multiple perspectives on the scope of the problems we face and the efficacy of the solutions we propose,” plus a “robust floor debate,” all broadcast live on C-SPAN.

In response, Leahy said he would “consider” a hearing — a hearing — but that there’s an “urgent need” to pass an amnesty “quickly and decisively” and “without unnecessary delay.”


What’s more, the bill will be loaded with outrageous provisions inserted by sophisticated Democratic staffers running rings around hapless Senate GOP staff who know little about the nuts and bolts of immigration policy. These provisions — whether special immigration rights for gay couples or the designation of no-go areas for immigration officers or something I haven’t imagined yet — will spark significant opposition, and not just from conservatives.

Walk away Marco Rubio!

It’s worth noting that there’s also a bipartisan gang in the House that’s cooking up its own amnesty proposal, but passage of something by the Senate is a necessary precondition for further action.

And such passage hinges on whether Rubio will “grow” in office, as have so many of his predecessors, succumbing to the preferences and worldview of the bipartisan Washington establishment. Or will he remain true to the conservative voters who helped him upset RINO (now Democrat) Charlie Crist and sent him to the Senate? Soon enough, Rubio will have to choose the Tea Party or the cocktail party. The decision will tell us a lot about the man.

Read it all.

Readers should contact Senator Rubio’s office* (it doesn’t matter if you live in Florida because he has national aspirations) and ask that he gracefully bow out now!  And, when you do it, keep in mind that reports this week indicate that the borders are being stormed as we write this with increasing numbers of aliens wanting to be in the US when the big amnesty is granted, and another report this week puts a price tag on the cost of processing the aliens at $2000 a pop.   Who is going to pay for all that—you got it!  You (and not the business looking for cheap labor)!

And, next week tens of thousands of illegal aliens arrive in DC to demand amnesty and that is why the Gang of Eight (Seven?) is in such a rush to get agreement—they want to be able to give something to the hordes clamoring on the Capitol lawn.

*The simplest way to contact Rubio is to call the Capitol Switchboard and let them connect you  (202) 224-3121.  You can fill out the e-mail form and send it, here.  However, if you are ambitious you can call his many Florida offices too (in the righthand column, also here)!

Please tweet this out and let’s get some pressure on Rubio!



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  2. I sent him a message informing him if he doesn’t take a stand against amnesty I will not support him in any way, shape, or form. We take a stand now, or pay later.

  3. I fully agree that Senator Rubio needs to stay true to his Tea Party roots and walk away from any amnesty legislation that is not openly debated in Congress, is totally transparent, and wanders from his commitment to the principles of conservative voters.

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