Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 11, 2013

Global warming saves civilization!

That is what writer Steve Maley suggests the headline should have been for last week’s New York Times wailing about global warming.

From Green Pages (Green Party Newsletter)

Turns out we are actually in a cooling period for the last 5,000 years, it was once much warmer (and much colder) over geologic time.

Here is what Maley says at Red State yesterday—I’ll take global warming over global cooling any day (me too!):

Like Beauty, the interpretation of scientific data is often in the eye of the beholder. I’m an engineer with more than a smattering of book-learning in the geologic sciences. It has always struck me as appalling that the scientists who would reorder our very lives around their interpretation of climate science and its implications for our future have so little interest in earth history and the geologic time scale. The climate alarmist community seems to focus on anecdotes and anomalous weather patterns that we can observe over the course of a human lifespan but have a vauge explanation for abrupt and dramatic changes in the distant past.

But in terms of the geologic time scale, human history is the blink of an eye compared the 4.5 billion year age of the earth. The end of the last ice age, a monumental, undeniably non-anthropogenic warming event, happened about 12,000 years ago; to a geologist it may as well have happened a week ago last Thursday. Yet climate scientists rarely address the implications of that warming event on their modern-day warming theories.

But this week, a new study came out which alarmingly concludes that CO2-forced temperatures are at or near their Holocene (post ice age) maximum.

One could look at the same data and wonder how cold we might be if not for Global Warming.

See the data at Red State.  Maley concludes:

Consider what a global ice age would mean. Cincinnati, OH and points north would be under a glacier hundreds of feet thick (not necessarily a bad thing, in the mind of some readers and SEC football fans). Agriculture would be impossible in North America. The planet could sustain a tiny fraction of its current population.

Even with a cooling of a couple of degrees Celsius, crop yields and growing seasons would shift dramatically for the worse. It would be increasingly difficult to feed the planet.

Given the choice between Global Warming and Global Cooling, give me Warming any day.

Don’t forget George Will’s “Hamsters of Hysteria!

While you are at Red State see Erick Erickson on how the GOP could be less stupid if they listened to Rush Limbaugh every day.

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