Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 9, 2013

Rumor: Maryland’s gift to the Obama Administration, Thomas Perez, to be Labor Secretary

Update March 11th:  More reasons why Perez should not be Labor Secretary, here at Powerline.

He has already done an awful lot of damage to America as Asst. Attorney General for Civil Rights, and as Eric Holder’s right hand hit man, surely he will go on to do even more damage as head of a major cabinet department (should he be tapped by the O-man).

Will Eric Holder’s right hand man, Thomas Perez, head up the Obama Labor Department?

Then watch for it!  He will come back to Maryland as conquering hero and become a US Senator or the Governor!

You can follow Perez’s upwardly mobile career at Potomac Tea Party Report by clicking here for our entire archive.  This is probably the most complete compendium of Perez’s dirty deeds anywhere!

The Bloomberg report on the rumor, here, cites his record in Maryland, but fails to mention that Perez got his start in Maryland as a board member of the leading advocacy group for illegal aliens—-CASA de Maryland.  His nomination for the US Justice Department gig was held up back in 2009 until two prominent Maryland REPUBLICANS sent glowing letters of support for his nomination.  The question then (and now!) is:  what was in it for them?

Here is Bloomberg:

President Barack Obama is close to choosing assistant U.S. attorney general Thomas Perez as labor secretary, according to two people familiar with the matter, drawing objections from a senior Republican senator.

Perez would replace Hilda Solis and ensure that the Labor Department was led by another Hispanic, according to the people, who requested anonymity to discuss personnel matters that haven’t been announced.

As Obama fills out his second-term cabinet, a process that began in January with his announcement of three white males for the top positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, State and Defense departments, White House officials are working to ensure that his cabinet reflects the coalition of Latinos, blacks and women that helped re-elect him, said the people.


Prior to joining the Justice Department, Perez was secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor [under O’Malley–ed], Licensing and Regulation, which enforces workplace safety laws and wage-and- hour regulations as well as consumer-protection laws.

Before that, Perez was a member of the county council in Montgomery County, a suburb of Washington. He was the first Hispanic elected to the council, where he served from 2002 to 2005, including a one-year stint as its president. He has a law degree from Harvard University and a degree in international relations and political science from Brown University.

And, don’t forget, Perez is the spawn of CASA de Maryland!  Read ‘CASA de Maryland the Illegals ACORN’ by Jim Simpson.

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