Posted by: Judy K. Warner | March 4, 2013

A crack in the Times’s Obama worship?

When the New York Times criticizes Obama you know there’s something really bad going on.  An editorial in Sunday’s opinion pages called The White House Joins the Cash Grab begins:

It is tempting to applaud the nonprofit group now spending nearly $100,000 on ads to pressure Republican lawmakers to accept gun-control measures. The group is fighting a well-financed and powerful corporate gun lobby that has never hesitated to spend millions to get its way in Congress.

But a closer look at this group shows how disturbing its work really is. Its name is Organizing for Action, and if its initials seem familiar, that’s because the group is the direct descendant of Obama for America, the president’s campaign organization in 2008 and 2012. That organization is now defunct, but its new incarnation has its extremely valuable voter database and many of the same strategists. What it does not have are the campaign’s old limits on who can donate money and how much they can give.

This being the Times, the issue is framed as Obama being as bad as the Republicans, who started using this kind of group — 501(c)(4) nonprofits — for issue advocacy a while back.  The Times thinks it’s really bad to have an advocacy group that doesn’t have to report its big donors.  I don’t think they get so upset over one-person-funded groups like George Soros’s, but that’s another matter.

The matter here is that however they frame it, the Times really thinks Obama is doing something wrong, not just wrong but sleazy.  Usually when a liberal person or media outlet criticizes Obama, it’s a small thing, soon over. And this is probably like that too.  I paid more attention than usual simply because there is a little swell of criticism of Obama among the liberal media, what with Bob Woodward and other journalists making public the nasty way they are treated by Obama’s top-level staff.

For four years conservatives have been hoping that the mainstream media’s love affair with Obama would crack under the pressure of reality.  It didn’t happen.  Now in his second term Obama has begun acting more and more like a dictator or a king.  The big question is whether under the pressure from the White House the mainstream media will become entirely government-controlled, state media like Pravda. I hope we find out about what feedback there is to the Times from Obama’s people, and what the Times does about it. If they chose to lead the way in opposing (or even reporting) Obama’s excesses, the Times would take all other media with them.  The chances are extremely slim; the Times and the other media have gotten used to being lapdogs.

And I believe they hate Republicans and conservatives more than they fear tyranny.  Especially if they feel themselves part of the tyranny and benefiting from it.



  1. I agree with you 100 percent, Judy. OFA is just a reincarnation of the same genious campaign strategists that got Obama elected, except that, as you point out, they are not bound by the same constraints on donations. It’s my guess that The Times will grumble and then move on; they have too much invested in Obama to really delve into this and I suspect too much pressure from powerful people to go beyond grumbling.

  2. My guess is that now that the MSM has succeeded in getting Obama re-elected, it will start criticizing him in order to try to regain its credibility. By 2016, the MSM hopes voters will have forgotten the outright lies/propaganda the MSM put out on behalf of Obama in 2012, and thus fall for the lies/propaganda it puts out on behalf of the next Democratic candidate.

  3. u realize the man who runs this new organization is the very same man that ran obamas campaign for reelection.

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