Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 25, 2013

Panic in the parks as sequestration nears….

The National Park Service went out today to give America the grim news—sequestration will mean you will see fewer rangers, locked restrooms, and are you ready! Overflowing trashcans!  Grim, very grim!

And, yesterday I heard this news flash—fewer children would see Gettysburg.  Gasp!

Interior Secretary Salazar and Director of the National Park Service Jon Jarvis joined the Obama fear mongering chorus to warn of what to expect come Friday.  Here at AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says thousands of National Park Service workers would be furloughed, and thousands more seasonal workers would not be hired under automatic spending cuts set to take effect Friday.

Visiting hours at all 398 national parks* are likely to be cut and sensitive areas would be blocked off to the public under what Salazar termed “draconian” cuts required by a budget-cutting law [Woodward: it was Obama’s idea—ed]. Salazar said the park service’s $112 million in cuts are especially grim, since they hit just as parks are preparing for an influx of spring and summer visitors.

Salazar and National Park Service director Jon Jarvis said visitors will encounter fewer rangers, locked restrooms and see trashcans emptied less often if Congress does not reach a deal to avoid 5 percent across-the-board cuts.

The National Park Service’s FY2013 budget is $2.6 Billion!  The sequester would trim $112 million (maybe!).

* Not satisfied with 398 parks taking land out of private ownership, the NPS is planning a new park in Shepherdstown, WV not far from where I live.


  1. Amazing that with $16.5 trillion in debt the park service is planning a NEW battlefield! We are now borrowing 42 cents out of every dollar. I can only imagine what a few hundred acres in Shepherdstown will cost the taxpayers.

  2. and not only that, I read today that the number of airport security people would be reduced significantly also; Boo hoo, maybe now not so many grandmothers and two year olds will pass right through security forcing air flights to be cancelled, etc. Just more scare tactics from the “create a crisis so they can avoid a crisis ploy. Sequester away! That’s my opinion, hell, for that matter, shut the whole government down.

    • Hey, later in March when they get to the next financial crisis they may have to do that! This is all ridiculous.

  3. […] in Congress about shutting down the government over Obamacare, and the squeals begin about how the National Parks might have to close and the trash won’t be picked up, remember that the NPS had the cash to produce this outrageous film!  Why? How did this happen?  […]

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