Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 25, 2013

New political party launched in Australia; wrath of progressives unleashed

Lord Christopher Monckton lends his support to the ‘Rise up Australia Party.’

Christopher Monckton and Pastor Daniel Nalliah at launch of ‘Rise Up Australia Party’ earlier this month

Some Maryland readers may have met perhaps the world’s most well-known critic if global warming when he was in Maryland in the fall of 2011 and spoke at the Maryland CAN conference in Annapolis, here.

I had to laugh when I read this coverage of the new “anti-Muslim immigration” party because the writer immediately launches a biased and vitriolic attack on the party founder, a Sri Lankan man who immigrated to Australia himself, but who is a believer in the antiquated notion that immigrants should conform themselves to the laws and ideals of their new country.

The writer, Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon, doesn’t level the same vitriol against another new party headed by a pro-Muslim immigrant, a former refugee, who is not for or against “assimilation” into Australian society.  Nor does the reporter show her disdain for Julian Assange (the famous Wikileaks founder) as he forms a new Australian political party—that section of the article falls under a subheading humorously entitled ‘Freedom of Speech and Truth’ something not associated with the ‘Rise up Australia Party.’

I’ve written a lot about Australia, here, at Refugee Resettlement Watch (91 posts!) over the last five years and I can assure you they have horrible immigration problems (largely involving Muslim migrants) and a politically correct and ‘progressive’ media.  You don’t want to move to Australia!

Here is the story from the Asian Correspondent:

As political campaigns for this year’s federal election kicked off, an unorthodox political party emerged to attack Muslim immigration and multiculturalism.

Sri Lankan-born Pentecostal Pastor Daniel Nalliah launched his Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) early this week to unite and urge Australians to protect “Australian way of life” which he said is being destroyed by Muslim immigrants. The slogan: “ Keep Australia Australian.”

RUAP already boasts about 1,500 members and plans to field 65 candidates in the upcoming federal election slated in September.

RUAP is fighting against multiculturalism, gays and lesbians, abortion, carbon tax, asylum seekers, and other left-wing issues.

Nalliah said multiculturalism is assimilating the “silent majority” to accept minority culture. This, he said, has never worked in many countries in the West. He declared “Australia for Australians” to the cheers and uproar of supporters at the National Press Club in Canberra.

Supported by UK-born climate sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton,  RUAP has also launched the Victoria State Campaign on September 16.

“It is not for me as a Brit to endorse any Australian political party, … but I’m going to anyway, ” Monckton said.

Ms. Yoon proceeds to throw in vitriol from Leftwing bloggers against Monckton and Nalliah, but then goes on to speak in glowing terms about the pro-Muslim political candidate and about Julian Assange’s Wikileaks Party under that subhead ‘Freedom of Speech and Truth.’  Of Assange’s effort she says:

Shipton [Wikileaks Party organiser] said Assange’s enrolment was ”a first step” in a political campaign that would focus on ”the democratic requirement of truthfulness from government”.

Wouldn’t we all like that—truthfulness from government (and reporters)!

So what do these new parties tell us (and the Australian political elites)?  They tell the powers-that-be that they are not representing their constituents and that the people are angry enough that they are taking their personal time and money to promote how they feel.  They may not succeed in gaining many seats, but they are definitely sending a message to Australia’s ruling class and thus have the potential for moving the debate in a direction more to their liking.  No pressure on power—there will be no movement!

Rise up Australia Party has a nice ring to it—how about the Rise up America Party!


  1. Are the progressives so insecure that they are threatened by every idea or concept that deviates from their own beliefs? It would seem so.

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