Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 22, 2013

Limbaugh: I’m ashamed of my country!

Me too!

Perhaps you’ve read the transcript or heard Rush Limbaugh yesterday, but just in case here is a bit of his discussion yesterday.  I’m there too!  Twenty-five years we have been lied to (actually more than that, but it’s 25 years I’ve paid attention to it).  And, it isn’t just the Left, it’s the Ruling Class doing the lying, and that includes the Republican elites.

As Rush says here everything is a damn crisis and frankly the Sequester isn’t!

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country. To be watching all of this, to be treated like this, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it’s being insulted? It just makes me ashamed. Seriously, man. Here we get worked up over $44 billion. That’s the total amount of money that will not be spent that was scheduled to be spent this year. In truth, we’re gonna spend more this year than we spent last year.

We’re just not gonna spend as much as was projected. It’s all baseline budgeting. There is no real cut below a baseline of zero. There just isn’t. Yet here they come, sucking us in, roping us in. Panic here, fear there: Crisis, destruction, no meat inspection, no cops, no teachers, no firefighters, no air traffic control. I’m sorry, my days of getting roped into all this are over. We have the media playing along with all this. The ruling class of both parties play along with all this. It’s insulting. I don’t know how else to describe it.

I’m into my 25th year.

I can’t tell you the number of times this has happened. This hit me yesterday. I’ve said the same things over and over for 25 years. Whether the Clinton presidency or the Obama presidency, whether it’s a Pelosi speakership or Tom Foley (who was speaker when I started), it’s the same stuff. It’s the same threats. It’s the same arguments over and over. Nothing ever changes! We just keep spending more money. We create more dependency, we get more and more irresponsible from one crisis to the next, all of them manufactured.

Except for the real crisis, which nobody ever addresses, and that is: We can’t afford any of this.

Read it all.

Is it time yet (for a new party)?  I think it all depends on what the Republicans do in the next week or so.



  1. Just in a small comparison: I live near the Antietam Battlefield. I moved to this area in 1983. At that time the Battlefield (Government managed area) was a lot smaller then it is now. They used surplus government vehicles. We knew most of the people working there, because there numbers where small. Since then they have purchased countless farms and land. Built a large maintanance building. The equipment is state of the art and abundent. The roads which looked better then Rt.65 where recently black topped. This is a budget run wild and this is happening all around the country. Yet now they are talking about cutting the Defense Budget! I AM ASHAMED OF MY GOVERNMENT!

    • Tim, it is going to get worse at Antietam. A NEW battlefield is being planned for hundreds of acres of private land that will be put into federal control near Shepherdstown, WV and will likely take in more land on the Maryland side of the river. We have money for more parks, but not for the military. The founding fathers would be disgusted!

      • I gues what I was trying to get across is that every single agency has the tendency to grow bigger, get a bigger budget. It’s humane nature to try to get more. when an agency is getting close to the end of the fiscal year they will make sure that there budget allotment is depleted, weather or not they need it!

      • Yes, every agency could survive a cut. As a matter of fact, I don’t understand why they can’t do a certain percentage across the board cut throughout the entire federal government every year until we have a balanced budget. It would be some flat percentage and everyone would “suffer.” Of course, that would be after finding the truly wasteful programs and getting rid of them altogether.

  2. I feel Rush’s pain. His problem is, like the rest of us who follow what’s happening in Washington, that he knows too much. He deals with the lies, the twisted logic, and the incessant blame game with the taxpayers caught in the crosshairs every day. If I did for a living what Rush has done for 25 years, I’d be living on anti-depressants!

  3. We should not be ashamed of our country. We should not be ashamed of our government. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Most “Conservatives” are unwilling to back up their beliefs with anything more than talk (and that includes Mr. Limbaugh. He’s made a good living complaining about things for 25 years, but that’s about it.)

    • I don’t see how you can simply write Limbaugh off as a
      ‘complainer who makes a good living at it.’ The man does an incredible job busting a gut at least trying to educate low information voters, and/or DE-indoctrinate people from the shamefully biased education they receive in schools. He is a hero and I don’t resent him one bit for making money while trying to open people’s eyes enough to save our country from turning into a third world country – which is clearly the agenda of the current ruling class (both parties included).

  4. time for a third party

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