Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 18, 2013

Grover’s war on loud bullfrogs

Say what?

Norquist vs. bullfrogs

Yes, Grover Norquist is now calling you, and the groups opposing open borders, a bunch of “loud bullfrogs.”   He took his latest smear campaign in support of “comprehensive immigration reform” to Texas last week.   He says he wants to get the “center right” on the bandwagon in support of more immigration (a topic we have discussed previously here when we told you about his “Bible, badges and business” PR campaign).

The common bullfrog–a cunning and wily adversary

Here is Grover speaking at the Texas Immigration Summit where he is attempting to make Texans the ‘Judas goats’ on his latest project.

Norquist said the conversation has until recently been dictated by a few loud “bullfrogs” who are hostile to immigration, which he says has created “a completely bizarre view of where the modern conservative movement is” on the issue. “We didn’t make as much noise or weren’t as focused on this issue as they are becoming now,” he said, “so that’s how we get this idea that the party that nominates [Ronald] Reagan and [John] McCain was somehow hostile to immigration.”

Read more about Grover’s Texas trip (here) that appears to have been on the same day as a major scuffle on the subject had occurred at Norquist’s Wednesday meeting of Washington DC poobahs, as reported by the Washington Post and later Frontpage magazine.

It appears that, as Daniel Greenfield reported at Frontpage and that is also abundantly clear in the Washington Post’s report, Norquist (in keeping with his usual modus operandi) has launched a smear campaign against the three leading immigration restriction groups:  NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies and the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Norquist likes smearing, remember he famously called anyone critical of Shariah law, “Islamophobes,” at CPAC here in 2011.

Now Norquist would like the “center right” to come on over to join his friends—Obama, La Raza (the race), Cecilia Munoz, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Ali Noorani and others in support of the big business interests behind “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Readers, one of the charges Norquist and his minions, such as Mario Lopez (I have to laugh because the other day when I opened this link a quote from Grover highlighted the page apparently rotating with one from Dick Armey!) are leveling at the three groups (and its Lopez’s presentation that started the kerfuffle at the Wednesday meeting)  is that they (the “loud bullfrogs”) have people across the political spectrum on their side, including gasp, environmentalists.

I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds here, but several years ago I chronicled how it came to be that the major environmental groups, led by the Sierra Club, went FAR LEFT and despite ample evidence that there is pressure on the environment from increased demands for water, land for homes and schools etc. from a rapid expansion of the immigrant population, the Sierra Club and others embraced the Multicultural agenda as Greenfield says here:

Some groups [Norquist’s “loud bullfrogs”—ed] critical of immigration policy have drawn support from environmentalists. Limiting immigration used to be an environmentalist platform, until the environmentalist movement, like the feminist movement and every other wing of the left, became drawn into a rigid multicultural orthodoxy. And some of these groups continue to make environmentalist arguments in the hopes of reaching out to the other side. Some of their board members are even pro-choice. The question is whether that disqualifies their research on immigration policy, their facts and figures, from being heard.

In conclusion, Norquist’s smear-campaigning expertise is in line here with the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center and he seems to have really stepped it up since his ‘no new taxes pledge’ took such a hit in recent months when some Republicans abandoned it.

Read the Washington Post story on Norquist’s meeting last week, it is very informative, but too much to cover here.  Make up your own mind—are you a Norquistista or a loud bullfrog?

For more on Norquist (Obama, La Raza etc. are welcome to him!), our complete archive is here.

Update February 20th:   One of the “loud bullfrogs,” Mark Krikorian, has much more on the “high-immigration right” here in a piece yesterday entitled,  “Borking Immigration Hawks: The pro-amnesty Right is borrowing its views and its tactics from the Left.”

Update February 27th:  Grover’s pal Mario doubles down with smear, here.


  1. I grant Grover, or Karl, no right to speak for the conservative movement. As much as I have knocked NBC, they did show motion camera video of lines of invaders carrying large backpacks into the U.S., and pointed out the rancher backing up 12 miles on his own property, and the Border Patrol also abandoning US territory. Enough is enough.Move the border to the border and take a stand. Deport illegals.

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