Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 13, 2013

The meatpackers looking for cheap immigrant labor must have gotten to Rand Paul….

Update April 22nd:  Rand Paul recommends stalling the Amnesty bill in the wake of Boston terror bombing by immigrants.  Good for him, shows he can learn and change his mind!

…..or was it Grover Norquist that got to him?

***Related Update*** Be sure to see Maryland Delegate admits foreign governments are driving “immigration reform,” here.  Money, money money!

Oh brother, looks like we are having another invasion of the body snatchers moment.  Just when I thought there was someone speaking up for American workers besides NumbersUSA and Rush Limbaugh we learn that Paul has been snatched by big business interests.   (Imagine a conversation) Kentucky big meatpacker to Paul:  Get with the program boy if you want to move up!

Looks like Paul is singing a different tune now that he has Presidential aspirations compared to 2011 when he stood up to one of the leading LEGAL labor importing programs in the US—the Refugee Resettlement Program—when it imported two (now convicted) Iraqi refugee terrorists to work in the Kentucky meatpacking industry.

Senator Rand Paul (photo: Tea Party Express)

Paul was my hero, here and here when he demanded hearings and held up some funding for refugee resettlement in the wake of the terrorist arrests in Bowling Green, Kentucky here in June 2011.

Jumping ahead to February 12th, 2013!

Rand Paul does not speak for this member of the Tea Party when he said this last night:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul called on his party to embrace immigration reform in his Tea Party rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday, a surprising message for the libertarian firebrand.

“We are the party that embraces hard work and ingenuity, therefore we must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future, Paul said. “We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities. We must be the party that says, ‘If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.’”

No disclaimer, no bit of verbiage to suggest not all immigrants have assets to bring to America!  No qualifiers, no nothing, just come on in and take the jobs!  Of all people, Paul knows the dark side of LEGAL immigration.

BTW, I had many communications a few years ago with some Americans who worked in meatpacking and who said the work paid a very attractive wage UNTIL the meatpackers (Tyson Foods, PERDUE etc!) realized they could get cheap immigrant labor.

Is this one of the immigrants Senator Paul “welcomed” to Kentucky and to America? 

Waad Ramadan Alwan His fingerprints were on an IED in Iraq, but he got into the US as a refugee!

He came to Bowling Green to work in a chicken plant, now he will spend the rest of his life in prison being cared for by the US taxpayer!

From a report on his conviction:

Prosecutors said Hammadi and Alwan came to Kentucky as refugees in 2009 and soon began trying to send cash, guns, Stinger missiles and other explosives to al-Qaida in Iraq but were foiled by a government informant working on a sting.

I’m sure Alwan and Hammadi told the US State Department when they lied on their refugee applications that all they wanted was to “come to America for a better future.”

Update February 16th:  Somalis are another group of LEGAL immigrants brought to the US for cheap labor.   American blacks are not happy, here.


  1. […] Read it all at Potomac Tea Party Report, here! […]

    • this is the end of white people and western civilization.

      europe and america are the only two places where whites are still a majority.

      once they are a minority, they will be plundered, raped and butchered like white south africans and white zimbabweans.

  2. I unsubscribed from Rand Paul this morning. Listed the reason as his support for amnesty. Looks like nobody represents my views in Washington anymore as they are falling for amnesty like bowling pins.

    • Earl, your image of the bowling pins is so funny, if it weren’t so serious. What makes these Republicans think that ethnic voters will flock to Republicans when the image of Republicans is that all they care about is taxes. Most immigrants don’t give a hoot about taxes and spending. They don’t make enough to pay taxes and will only care about spending when we run out of money to spend on them!

  3. I surely didn’t support the tea party to advance amnesty. Is there a way to throw Paul out of the party?

    • He is a Republican and now I’m thinking he did the same thing so many Repubs did—attach themselves to the Tea Party when they needed it.

  4. I believe he was referring to south of the border immigrants not the Refugee Resettlement scam being run out of the WH.

    • But geno… that is what I meant by not one word of clarification or qualification. He could easily have thrown in one line to indicate he knows there are scams and people with bad intentions getting in. It was pure pander! And, very disappointing!

  5. Good for you! We are accountable to laws that make sense. And immigration laws must be followed as a general rule. I like the idea of self-deportation; enforcing the laws, but in a gradual way, such as by enforcing laws against employment of illegals. I developed a plan that I think is sensible, based on everything I heard from the candidate forums held by Free State Patriots:
    • Illegal Immigration. Is there a problem with current system? What to do? : The United States is inundated with large numbers of “undocumented” aliens, due to many years of lax enforcement of the pertinent immigration laws. Although only the federal government can enforce immigration laws and protect the national borders, state and local governments bear the major negative effects of illegal immigration through their higher cost of welfare, health, education, and crime prevention services due to the presence of illegal aliens. Cooperation between state and federal authorities is therefore important in achieving a suitable long-term solution.

    The recent surge of illegal immigration arose from a blanket amnesty given by President Reagan in the 1980’s to refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Since then, no administration has taken a firm stand to aggressively enforce immigration laws. The border was never secured as congress agreed. (bad on Reagan) However, in the past, presidents of both parties, Coolidge, Truman, and Eisenhower, have successfully enforced strong deportation measures to control illegal immigration, primarily to protect the integrity of US labor laws and defend the rights of lawful workers in the country. (worker’s rights!)

    Policy Proposal: The practical solution to illegal immigration is to enforce the law in stages, dealing first with the most serious and aggravating dangers and threats in the immediate border region. First priority, therefore, is to tighten border security with Mexico, using all available technology and manpower resources to build and maintain a suitable barrier to illegal entry. Arresting and deporting illegal aliens just as they cross the border must be given highest priority. In addition, American border agents must be given support and resources to cooperate with Mexican border authorities to curtail all forms of criminal cross-border trafficking.

    Once the border is secured, the process of orderly deportation of other illegal aliens must proceed as well, giving first priority to those involved in other criminal activity, including, for example, fraud in obtaining forged documents and making false statements to obtain unlawful employment. US employers also must be prosecuted for violating laws against the hiring of illegal aliens (I-9 form compliance). In addition, the federal government (ICE) must cooperate with state governments to identify and apprehend illegal aliens in their jurisdiction.

    The federal government also should actively cooperate with Mexican and other foreign governments to minimize the disruptive effect of forced separation and deportation on illegal aliens who have been peacefully living in the US for a long period of time. This is especially important as it affects resettlement of minors who have been brought into the USA by parents and family members. For these minors, provide resettlement grants, counseling, and temporary visas to ease the process of their deportation and resettlement to their native countries. In their native countries, they can apply for aslyum or immigration to the US through the regular channels.

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