Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 9, 2013

Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal move out of the way!

Make room for Dr. Benjamin Carson!  Watch his moving speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week.   And, for fun watch Barack Obama’s face as he watches a man he surely knows is his moral and intellectual superior.



  1. It was a great speech. Dr. Carson was very brave to abandon all political correctness standing so close to our dear president, who’s chin kept getting higher and higher as the ‘parables’ hit closer to home.

  2. I’d be delighted to vote for him!

  3. the carson speech was spectacular, but jindal is a very good man and so is cruz.

    • I lost my enthusiasm for Jindal when he told a Republican gathering that the party was stupid to allow the “stupid” people to run for office. Or more precisely the people who say “stupid” things. First, you don’t build unity by calling fellow party members “stupid” and then its stupid for anyone to say someone said something stupid when indeed now everyone will be ready to pounce on the next stupid thing he says! Cruz is great so far! My litmus test is immigration—so we will see!

  4. LOVED Dr. Carson’s speech – especially when he talked about how simply the healthcare problems could be solved. He rightfully made our shameful-excuse-for-a-president look exactly what he is: WORTHLESS. No surprise that his chin was either jutting out insolently – or – his eyes were cast down in shame. For all Obama’s damage to our country with his ‘Obama-care-LESS’ – he should have crawled under the table and hid himself. Was also very telling that anytime Dr. Carson quoted from the Bible or mentioned God – both Obama and Michele disrespectfully looked down at the table. Way to go Dr. Carson – thanks for your courage and awesome integrity to not cower down to an evil man.

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