Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 9, 2013

Annapolis swamped by defenders of the second amendment

I wish I could have seen it, I’ve heard the energy and the crowds in Annapolis were something to behold!  For all who didn’t get there, our friend Jim Simpson has a good report, here, at Accuracy in Media:

Wednesday I traveled to Annapolis to testify in opposition to SB 281, the painfully misnamed “Firearms Safety Act of 2013.” I was not alone. Media outlets counted “hundreds” but there were probably at least 5,000. According to the office of Senate Judiciary Proceedings Committee Chairman Brian Frosh, 2,444 people originally signed up to testify. Another 200 or so signed handwritten sheets to voice their opinions. Within the Miller Senate Office Building, the hearing room and two overflow rooms were closed as they reached their rated capacity. The hallways were jammed with people. Thousands of people milled about the State House courtyard outside.

I was told it was likely the largest crowd ever signed up to testify in Maryland history. They have not taken a count of supporters vs. opponents, but most opposed.

Read it all!


  1. This is encouraging. Of course, most of the LYING media reports I heard said there were either ‘hundreds’ or ‘about a thousand’ people. Hope O’Maggot was watching out the window.

  2. […] you couldn’t go to Annapolis this past week to defend your second amendment rights (or even if you did!), you can stand up for them closer to […]

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