Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 5, 2013

Greenfield: The Republican Party is an organization at war with its base.

Everyone is writing about it (I didn’t think I needed to until Ed sent Daniel Greenfield’s take).   Karl “Bush’s brain” Rove has untucked his tail after his critical role in the the Romney fiasco caused him to slink away for a few weeks at the end of last year and has found a worthy adversary (more important than the PROGRESSIVES!)—The Tea Party!

Richard Falknor (Blue Ridge Forum) has a post yesterday on the topic in which he links other scribes on the latest Rove display of “genius.”

Check out Greenfield here (it’s a little longer than it needs to be), but is well worth the read.  Greenfield can be hilarious and although I had often visited his blog—Sultan Knish—it wasn’t until he wrote with such humor about the Southern Poverty Law Center naming him (and his cat) a “hate group” that I really began to appreciate his work.  You know you are somebody when you get the “hater” label!

Here are a few paragraphs from Greenfield yesterday (emphasis mine):

There was a time in the 80s when standup comedians were required by law to wear loud blazers and louder ties and to demand answers to life’s unanswerable questions about senseless products, airline regulations and the other inconveniences of modern life. “Who were the geniuses who came up with that one?” was their demand.

The Republican Party, which has been a joke for almost as long as it has been a party, is in the hands of those same geniuses. Fresh off two defeats in presidential elections, they have come up with the plan of all plans to get back on top.

First, they will nuke their own grassroots by raising money to attack deviant Tea Party candidates and protect true conservatives who support amnesty, tax shelters and tax hikes. Considering that the Tea Party was responsible for the first Republican victories since 2004, spending money going after it is bound to attract voters and improve prospects for more victories in 2014.

Second, they will add 11 million Democratic voters to the rolls through amnesty for illegal aliens as part of a brilliant plan to stop being a national party and settle down to fighting pitched battles for local council seats. Even the geniuses behind the election polling and ORCA should be able to win a few those. And if they can’t, then it’ll be time to raise more money to keep down some of those pesky Tea Party types trying to run for school boards while saying politically incorrect things.

Republican elite:  get the Tea Party and their ideas off the stage!

A party without ideas borrows them from its enemies. The big idea that the Republican establishment has is to be more like the Democrats. They just can’t decide which area they want to imitate them in the most. But the one thing they do know is that they need to get those annoying conservative ideas off the stage first.

Democrats are not stupid!

The Democratic Party knows who its base is. Its goal in office is to expand that base while shrinking its opposition. That is why it wants Amnesty. If the average illegal alien was likely to turn into a Republican voter, the entire Mexican border would have been irradiated and pop stars would be recording videos urging their fans to turn in any illegal aliens on their block. And that is because the Democrats may be evil, they may even be incompetent outside their conspiracy and campaign zones, but they aren’t stupid.

Read it all.



  1. I like Greenfield’s sense of humor, too. Yes, the Republican Party is in complete disarray. They are clueless, gutless, and deserving of defeat. I do think, however, that the Latino vote with be critical in 2016 and the party needs to figure out, in unison, how to address that issue.

  2. Greenfield’s article was hands down the best I’ve heard yet, on the problems with the Republican party. He perfectly articulated exactly what I’ve felt ever since the first rain-drenched Tea Party rally at Annapolis city dock. If Republican party leadership doesn’t soon figure out that they are no more than yesterday’s Democrats – they will soon find themselves being driven over by the very ones they threw under the bus – the Tea Party people!
    Republicans are BEGGING for a third party to enter the picture. How do you spell: I AM READY FOR IT ?

    • I am too ready for a third party,but all the ‘smart’ people say its stupid. I don’t see how things could get worse than they are now!

  3. […] out the O’Reilly clip here at Gateway Pundit.  This must be scaring the c*** out of Rove and the establishment boys this […]

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