Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 23, 2012

Leftwing ADL says MDCAN plans “anti-immigrant” conference

Here we go again—free speech being challenged this time with a blast from the Anti-Defamation League.   Kind of a misnomer don’t you think as they are busily defaming those with whom they disagree!

Here is the (first?) attack on the MDCAN conference scheduled for January 12th in Annapolis.

A con­fer­ence spon­sored by the Mary­land Con­ser­v­a­tive Action Net­work is due to take place in Annapo­lis on Jan­u­ary 12, 2013. The con­fer­ence, titled “Turn­ing the Tides 2013” brings together many of the main anti-immigrant voices in the state as well as some speak­ers known for their anti-Muslim state­ments and associations.

The con­fer­ence is the lat­est exam­ple of anti-immigrant activ­ity in Mary­land. Anti-immigrant activists were instru­men­tal in gath­er­ing enough sig­na­tures to put a mea­sure on the bal­lot in the Novem­ber 2012 elec­tion seek­ing to undo a law that granted in-state tuition to undoc­u­mented immi­grants at pub­lic col­leges in the state.  The in-state tuition bill was orig­i­nally signed into law in 2011. Despite the efforts of anti-immigrant activists, a major­ity of Mary­land vot­ers voted in favor of grant­ing in-state tuition. Many of the anti-immigrant activists involved in get­ting the issue on the bal­lot are due to speak at the Jan­u­ary 12 conference.

The ADL then proceeds to train their guns on Brad Botwin, Pamela Geller, Neil Parrott and Diana West.  Check out what they say about them here.

Unfortunately Brad Botwin will not be with us, but Paul Mendez, another very able leader of Help Save Maryland, will take his place.  Ironically, Pamela Geller will be speaking about threats to free speech!  How funny is that—with their name-calling they are attempting to silence speech and thus make Geller’s point before she even gives her presentation.   We would never in a million years tell the ADL (or CAIR for that matter) who they should or should not have at a conference—it’s still a free country last I checked.

Here is the list of topics and speakers for the January 12th Annapolis conference:

In Defense of Free Speech

Pamela Geller

Post-Election National Security

Diana West

War on the Suburbs: Regional Equity

Marta Mossburg (Moderator), Stanley Kurtz, Commissioner Richard Rothschild, Commissioner Blaine Young

War on Jobs: Obamacare and Illegal Immigration

Paul Mendez (Moderator), Tom Fitton, Del. Nic Kipke

Changing the Political Ground Game in Maryland

Kari Snyder (Moderator), Dan Bongino, Del. Neil Parrott, Ken Timmerman

Energy: Myths and Reality

Andrew Langer (Moderator), Myron Ebell, Steve Milloy, Mark Newgent

The Cheated Generation

Jimmie Bise (Moderator), Brandon Cooper, Gabriella Hoffman, Trae Lewis, Brian Meshkin

Coalition Round-Up

Tonya Tiffany (Moderator), Cathy Kelleher, Doug Mainwaring, Paul Mendez, David Spielman, and more

Words of Encouragement

Jim Rutledge

To register for the conference and for biographies of speakers (not the ADL’s version of their bios) visit the MD CAN website, here.   We promise the day will not be boring!

Full disclosure, I am a member of the steering committee of MD CAN.


  1. Liberal organizations are all the same: they see themselves as open-minded, yet they condemn, ridicule, and ban speakers who have a different point of view.

    • And,it makes me laugh that they never seem to notice the hypocrisy in what they do.

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