Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 17, 2012

We should all be “preppers” now!

And, as I said here, maybe we should all build bunkers!

Makes sense!   Bunkers aside, what is the downside of being at least somewhat prepared for any major emergency?  Well, your friends might think you are a little nutty, but who cares.  More seriously though it could put you on law enforcements radar screen as we saw recently in Sharpsburg with the case of Terry Porter.

The Herald Mail has a story today on preppers in Maryland, and it is surprisingly free of snarkiness.

“It’s always the extreme ones on the fringes who get noticed,” Watson said. “So when people actually start researching preppers, they’re going to realize preppers are their neighbors, not the kooks you see on TV.”

The word associates Watson, in many people’s minds, with the Doomsday theorists who have decided the world will end Dec. 21 in conjunction with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, or wolf-criers like Harold Camping, who has incorrectly predicted the Rapture several times.

Watson manages the Maryland-specific online forum of the American Preppers Network, which has at least 25,000 unique visitors. What he and his peers are worried about is generally more tangible than an apocalyptic event; they fret over situations that are occurring all the time.

“What’s going to happen to our standard of living?” said Watson. “What’s going to happen economically? Is government going to be able to bounce back and respond to that? Maybe they could eventually. But how are you and your family going to survive that in the meantime?”

What is Watson most concerned about?

There are three general scenarios for which Watson is prepared: Some type of natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina, some kind of attack from a foreign or domestic foe or some kind of economic collapse like Greece. In any situation, Watson feels assured that he could lead his loved ones through the chaos.

American Preppers Network Maryland

As he became more disenchanted with the state of the nation, Watson sought like-minded people. During the search, he found the term “prepper” and stumbled onto the American Preppers Network, where users can swap information and tips.

“I had no idea there was a term out there,” said Watson. “I got interested in finding out what (a prepper) is and stumbled onto the American Preppers Network, and I started posting on some websites.”

As his reputation grew, Watson became the facilitator of the Maryland APN, which today is relatively small and inactive.

APN founder Tom Martin said users of the site are not required to provide their locations, but more than 100 have identified themselves as Marylanders.

The site averages 10,000 hits a day, but every time there is a disaster, membership and Internet traffic increase substantially. The aftermath of superstorm Sandy and the looming fiscal cliff — automatic tax increases and dramatic federal spending cuts set to go into effect in January — have been no different.

There is more, read it all.

By the way, did you know that soon-to-be former Rep. and scientist, Roscoe Bartlett, was a “survivalist?”    Here he is at Mother Jones News in 2011.   You should avoid cities says Bartlett.  But, isn’t that exactly where Obama wants us all with his war on the suburbs? (Stanley Kurtz, Blaine Young and Richard Rothschild will be talking about this subject at the MD CAN conference in Annapolis in January!)

And, if you need a little jolt in the “prepper” direction, read One Second After, a novel about the collapse of civil society touted by Bartlett.

How about a Washington County “preppers” club?


  1. I guess I’m a prepper – first time I’ve heard that word! My husband and I are preparing for an uncertain future by making our lifestyle as self-sustaining as possible. We do simple things like stocking up on non-perishable foods, heating our home with firewood that we replenish from our woods, paying off our credit cards; and growing some of our own food. I’ve also started thinking about a local co-op where neighbors would help take care of each other in an emergency. We see what’s happening in Greece, Italy and Spain (not to mention California!) and we’re headed down that same path!

    • We’ve done a bit of preparation too, but it’s time to be more open and visible about it (even if we will be called mass murderers). Being a prepper is the ultimate insult to those who are depending on Government to save them. Only problem is the first place they will come in a huge crisis and when they learn government won’t save them (see Hurricane Sandy writ large), will be to the country for preppers stuff!

  2. Yikes! I read the infowars post and the war on people who believe in taking responsibility for their own welfare. Scary stuff.

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