Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 15, 2012

Hagerstown’s grandiose stadium plans suspended

Update December 16th:  Proponents of the grand project aren’t giving up and plan to pressure the new Mayor and Council this coming week.  More later.

It is amazing what an election will do.

Here is just one recent story about the last gasps of life for a stadium that would have been built with millions of taxpayer dollars in the heart of downtown Hagerstown.   The large and expensive complex was being pushed by Hagerstown’s movers and shakers (the crony ruling class!) against the wishes of nearby residents and Tea Party-minded taxpayers.

A scaled down version (but still many millions to build) at the location of the old stadium is now being studied after the PRO-EXPENSIVE STADIUM REPUBLICAN MAYOR was defeated by a Democrat and several council members were replaced on November 6th.  One of those elected is fiscal conservative watchdog (and Democrat!) Kristin Aleshire who was the recipient of a below-the-belt robocall attack, here, in 2010.

Here is an archive of all of our previous posts on the stadium boondoggle.  I’m still taking a break (well! sort of!) to focus on my other blog, but thought readers should know how the issue is resolving itself through the electoral process.

Lynda Evans, a leader of the Hagerstown Tea Party, is doing a great job keeping readers informed of local issues at her Liberated Conservative Woman blog.   Here she reports on a meeting where our Annapolis delegation ripped into the Chamber of Commerce!

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