Posted by: Judy K. Warner | December 8, 2012

Sharpsburg residents asking questions at community meeting

Following up on Ann’s previous post: The rally turned out to be a meeting in Sharpsburg town hall. Law enforcement personnel and the media were not invited, so I am not going to act as a spy and give any details. I’ll just say that it was an impressive and well-run community meeting. First-hand relevant stories were told, intelligent questions were asked, pertinent points were raised, nobody hogged the floor, and everybody was reasonable.

Next week, Saturday, December 15, there will be another meeting at noon in the town hall. This one will be open to law enforcement so perhaps citizens can get some of their questions answered.  If you’re interested, come along no matter where you live. Not everybody at the meeting today was from Sharpsburg — I’m not — but everybody was disturbed at what happened to Terry Porter and wanted answers.

I want to mention also that a fund has been set up for Terry Porter’s legal defense. You can make out a check to “Friends of Terry” and give it to the drive-in teller at Jefferson Security Bank in Sharpsburg.


  1. Sorry I could not be there as I now live in Myrtle Beach and cannot afford Obama gas to drive that far right before Christmas. I do however support your effort from afar, and have sent emails to the sorry media, as well as sent info’ to friends, including a patriot group in the south. Glad to read that you are wise enough to hold control over the media, who never replied to my emails. Thanks for taking a stand.

  2. Awesome that the meeting was well organized and productive! I live in Lexington, VA, but will try to attend the meeting next Saturday. This Sharpsburg group is a motivated one that has grown to just under 500 members in only two weeks!I hope they are able to get some answers from law enforcement at the next meeting about the over-the-top way this “manhunt” was carried out in their small town.

  3. […] Gabriel said about 60 people attended a similar meeting Dec. 8 at Town Hall.  [That is the meeting Judy attended, here—ed]. […]

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