Posted by: Judy K. Warner | December 5, 2012

Target Marketing By the Democrats

Here is a useful summary of how Democrats sliced and diced the electorate and created target messages for different segments. In Republicans Should Use Target Marketing Strategies, on American Thinker, Zach Krajacic tells us:

A political election campaign is essentially a marketing campaign, except that you are selling a person (and his or her ideas) rather than a product or service. During the recent presidential election, the Democrats effectively used the same marketing techniques that businesses use — market segmentation, targeted messaging, and emotion-based selling. The Republicans should consider adopting a similar model to win future elections.

He’s got some good suggestions on how to do that, too.


  1. Let’s not forget vote fraud too. It seems clear that also played a huge part.

    I can’t help getting the feeling that the whole thing was a staged show – much like professional wrestling. It was amazing how much was agreed on between Romney and Obama – wars, bailouts, surveillance of US citizens, indefinite detention and murder of US citizens. No difference on those key issues of freedom. Where they differed was only on the extremely emotional issues of abortion and gay ‘marriage’.

    In short, I think until there is a substantial difference between the candidates, focusing on the skill of the ‘selling’ is misguided.

  2. Love and truth are an excellent combination. But they can be genuine, not fake like the other side. Also, the other side has replaced lies with the truth. But the lies are said so loudly so often, they look like the truth.

    Love for everyone and Truth that is so for all, based on laws of nature. Republicans need to work a little more on the “love” thing — what you call here “emotion” Voters need to know you care. That’s something to work on. You don’t have to get sappy with it — just meet people face-to-face. That’s why canvassing is so important. Eye contact, don’t you know, is very powerful. It doesn’t have to be manipulative — just connect with people. That makes a big difference, so you get the “likeability” scale working in our direction. That’s what good old Ron Reagan had — he was “likeable”

  3. I believe that Mr. Krajacic is spot on, the dems targeted their messages, though most of their messages were deceitful, but it worked. I thought all along that Romney’s message was too much about the economy and not enough about what else America really cares about; the constitution, taxation, immigration reform, blah blah blah.

    However, thats all water under the bridge now.

    It also has not escaped my attention that Mr. Krajacic’s resume includes being a marketer, per haps looking for a consulting fee next election.

    Good post Judy.

    • Greg, if I were a candidate I’d rather give a fee to Mr. Krajacic, who seems to know what he’s doing, than to some of those other consultants.

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