Posted by: Judy K. Warner | December 3, 2012

How Obama Won: A New Series

Many people were surprised at Obama’s win on Election Day. There were so many reasons for him to lose — the terrible economy, Obamacare, the broken promises to the left, and much more, including what we thought was the apathy of his voters. Yes, many of his previous voters were apathetic or disillusioned. But his campaign found enough new voters to win, and got them to the polls.

Republicans thought they had a great strategy for getting out the vote, and towards the end there was a lot of enthusiasm at rallies — but they lost. I should say, We lost, since I’m a Republican.

So I’ve been trying to learn about how Obama did it. And since everyone likes to reveal unknown things, much information has been published in the last few weeks. I’m going to dig these up and pass them on here at Potomac Tea Party Report, where Ann has kindly taken me on as a co-blogger.

A word of introduction: I’m an old friend of Ann’s and we’ve done a lot of political work together. I used to write for her other blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch. I’ve volunteered for Republicans in local, state and national campaigns and I’m secretary of the Washington County Republican Club.

I call myself a conservative, and I’ve decided that despite my many complaints about the Republican Party, it is the best vehicle we have for advancing conservative policies and principles.  I decided to learn and write about the Obama campaign because in many ways it is brilliant, far more brilliant than anything the Republicans did this year, or any year. So the Republicans should be dissecting it and analyzing it, copying and adapting its methods and coming up with new ones that will surpass what the Democrats have.

Notice I said it is brilliant, present tense. That’s because the Obama campaign has not ended. The mechanisms are still in place. At the moment he is emailing his minions telling them how to pressure Republicans to accept his disastrous proposals for supposedly averting the fiscal cliff. And the Obama people plan to continue the campaign throughout his term. Obama does not reason, he does not argue, he does not negotiate; he campaigns. So if Republicans are going to face a permanent campaign for the next four years, we’d better learn how to fight on that battlefield.



  1. Good points. Tactics, even in a Hitler-type campaign, we can appreciate and learn from. Hitler taught that “blitzkrig” (lightening war) was a powerfully effective strategy. Also, telling a lie often enough, get’s people hypnotized to actually think it’s true.
    Now, I’m not suggesting we take all the campaign strategies from the other side. But, while we can’t take the deceptions and lies as a “strategy” we can learn to be relentless in campaign mode — something I learned as a Democrat party organizer many years before I was enlightened. I’m now trying to put these skills into use in organizing the GOP message. There’s a lot of work to do, but we have to start where we are, and I’m glad there is some growing awareness of what is involved. In short, we have to door-to-door canvass and relentlessly get acquainted with all voters in every district – delivery the good, sound message of freedom and constitutional government we have. We have to articulate that message, face to face, with individual voters, to marshal an “army” of locusts who can penetrate deeply into every neighborhood and community. It has to be continual, and it has to begin now. I call it the ‘sea of locusts’ campaign. Let’s learn from our mistakes as mature adults must do; stop the complaining, and get to work on what works — a good message, delivered relentlessly to each and every voter in a personal, “caring” manner. If you’re with me, let me know, and I’ll be glad to share what I know (the ammunition, as it were)

  2. Judy, I am thrilled that you are going to analyze and dissect the Obama “ground game” or get out the vote campaign, whatever you call it. My team in Montgomery County is working on a similar plan. that is how do we get out the Republican and Independent vote in the 2014 State elections. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

    • This is a good and worthwhile topic. In PG county, we are planning a grassroots canvassing plan that directly contact voters all over the county. I hope that we can share what we are doing in each jurisdiction and learn from each other. At the GOP state convention, this increased “ground game” planning has support at the highest level. Faith Loudon has been designated as state coordinator to support local groups in this effort. Let’s all work together. I have a plan I call “sea of locusts” — and I’ll be glad to share the basic elements to anyone interested — just email me:

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