Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 20, 2012

Get “guts” says J.Christian Adams on amnesty issue

No amount of pandering to immigrants and minorities will work until the racial antagonism industry is exposed.   Otherwise, the ‘racialists’ will simply keep the herd together voting for the Democrats (and Santa Claus).

So, if you are looking for something to do to fight back—become an investigator, pick a scam on America, become an expert and write columns or a blog (it isn’t hard!) to expose what you learn!  Push your legislators relentlessly to get guts!  Forget elective politics for awhile and go into guerrilla warfare mode.

Here is some inspiration from J. Christian Adams (writing at PJ Media), who tells us first about his eyewitness to history account of President Bush kissing up to the racial grievance lobby over the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act and no sooner had the leaders left the White House then they turned on Bush.  (emphasis below is mine)

No sooner had the ink dried on the paper than all of the race groups turned on President Bush. The next two years heard a constant drumbeat in the media and from some of the same people invited to the signing ceremony that Bush was an “enemy of minority rights.” The racial groups were particularly venomous toward the administration.

The same thing will happen if the Republican party compromises on amnesty. The GOP will think they have bought peace and will use the concession to “outreach” to Hispanics, but the multi-million dollar interest groups won’t abide.

Adams continues:

Understand something — I have been ambivalent about the immigration issue for many years.  But the vote this week was extremely racially polarized, and deliberately so. Sixty-two percent of whites voted for Romney.  Ninety percent of black voters and 71% of Hispanic voters went for Obama.  That’s how the race groups working for the Democrat Party want it. They are very very effective at keeping the races politically polarized.

Those numbers are frightening, and no amount of traditional “outreach” is going to change them, even a new-found acceptance of illegal immigration. Those calling for outreach to minorities are only half right. Something needs to be done, but they naively prescribe the mistakes of the past that will forever alter the demographic character of America, without altering the vote totals for the GOP. In time, the electoral percentages will actually grow worse for the GOP after concessions on immigration.  More drastic and daring efforts are needed.

Take on the racial grievance lobby!

There is only one way to obtain the support of Hispanics and other minorities eventually.  Conservatives must first confront and destroy the credibility of the racial interest groups that serve as the gatekeepers to these communities. Once-relevant and noble groups like the NAACP, and others less noble such as LULAC and MALDEF, must be exposed as the frauds that they have become in 2012. Their finances and racialist agenda must be revealed and lampooned. Their racial extortion of corporate America must be confronted. The entire political operation of these groups must be vivisected by some of the brightest investigative and journalistic conservative minds.

Readers, that is you!  You can’t wait around for some new investigative group to form.  Figure out what you can do yourselves.  And, push the GOP (if that is possible) to get guts!  And, the media is not going to help you!

Here is the problem: few in the Republican Party have the guts to do it. They fear being called racists more than they fear losing elections. They would rather suffer a dozen defeats like Tuesday night than be called racist for going after the corrupt racial groups that prevent GOP outreach to minorities.


So the talking heads and bloggers can moan about the need to “reach out” to minorities. But until Republicans find the guts to go after the well-funded groups that churn racial antagonism and keep minorities politically in line, nothing will work You can’t appeal to minorities when a thick fearless establishment funded with hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate and foundation money is working to preserve the status quo, and nobody has the guts to fight them.

Go ahead call me a racist! Try it!  Say: call me a racist!  You know it isn’t true, so, once you personally get past the power of that word, you will be free!

Beware ECBOs (little ACORNS!)

By the way, it isn’t just the big obvious groups you need to go after, every small or large city is growing its own ethnic lobby that works to get taxpayer goodies for its “own people,”  registers them to vote and acts as a mouthpiece when “their people” feel aggrieved.   And, it gets worse—your tax dollars pay for these groups to exist!

ECBO stands for Ethnic Community Based Organizations and the Department of Health and Human Services keep them afloat (they probably get Justice Dept grants too).   CASA de Maryland is a kind of ECBO we all know.

But did you ever hear of the following (selected from grantees lists at the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Dept. of Health and Human Services).  Each got over $100,000 in federal grants to keep their ethnic-based organization financially viable.  (I’m not telling you this to show you what the socialists have accomplished over the years that will make your work daunting, I’m just telling you, that somewhere near you is such a group, or groups, funded by you!).

Freedom of association is a great American tradition—you just shouldn’t have to pay for it!

Somali Bantu Association of San Antonio

The Montagnard Human Rights Organization Raleigh NC

Merced Lao Family Community, Inc.

Minnesota African Women’s Association

Colorado African Organization Denver CO

Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee Nashville TN

Horn of Africa Community in North America

The Southern Sudanese American Association Anchorage AK

Pan African Association of Chicago

Somali Family Service of San Diego

Iraqi American Society for Peace and Friendship

Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire

Would we need ECBOs if the hard left wasn’t trying to continue racial animosity?  Of course not!

So, you can see, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

An afterthought:  Don’t forget you are not alone!

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