Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 18, 2012

Most Americans want border enforcement, not amnesty

Have you noticed that in the last few days, after their immediate post-election freak-out, the rush by “elite” Republicans to clamor for “comprehensive immigration reform” has slowed a little.

NumbersUSA directs us to a possible reason why—Gallup has a poll!

Here is NumbersUSA in an e-mail Thursday.

A new poll from Gallup found that 62% of [ALL] Americans think stopping illegal immigration should be a top priority for Pres. Obama’s second term, while only 37% think providing a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens should be a top priority. The poll questioned 1,000 Americans from Nov. 9-12 and asked them to rate 12 different issues ranging from the economy to military spending to immigration to the environment.

Since last week’s elections, Members of Congress from both parties have been calling for renewed efforts in Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would provide an amnesty for illegal aliens. On Wednesday, Pres. Obama told the White House press corps during his first press conference since winning re-election that he expects consideration of an amnesty bill to start “very soon” after his inauguration.

So, what are the odds that a bunch of pro-amnesty Republicans in Congress had a look at these numbers?

82% of Republicans think that stopping illegal immigration should be a top priority; only 25% of Republicans thinking passing an amnesty should be a top priority. Fewer than 50% of both Democrats and Independents think that passing a mass amnesty should be a top priority.

Check out the Gallup poll results here.  Please go have a look!  The numbers are fascinating!   The economy, entitlements and Iran are the top three concerns of Americans generally.  Energy is fourth.  Stopping illegal immigration is 8th (62% saying its extremely important).   Creating a pathway to citizenship is way down the list with that 37% figure for those who think its important.   By the way, I’m betting Iran came in so high because it was the only question involving the Muslim problem.

Could those results also be influencing the punditsHere Rich Lowery at National Review Online (using many of the points Rush Limbaugh has been making all week) makes the case for NOT pursuing amnesty.  Let’s see if these winds begin to affect Sean Hannity’s and Bill O’Reilly’s fingers in the wind on this issue.  And, Speaker John Boehner must be feeling the cold breeze from voters on his uplifted finger as well!

Lowery (hat tip:  Ed):

The networks had barely called the election for President Barack Obama before GOP elites rushed to embrace an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Getting killed almost three-to-one among Latino voters understandably concentrates the mind, but it’s no reason to lose it. The post-election Republican reaction has been built on equal parts panic, wishful thinking, and ethnic pandering.  [And, as Lowery points out near the end, on selfish interests of rich Republicans.—ed]

Lowery goes on to describe some “facts” about Hispanic voters, just as Limbaugh has done extensively lately. I expect both used the work of Heather McDonald of the Manhattan Institute (among others!).  Then Lowery wraps up with the real truth!

Those Republicans pushing for amnesty WANT CHEAP LABOR!  

Republican donors with a disproportionate influence in the party would be perfectly happy to jettison the cause of immigration enforcement. They are fine with a flood of low-skilled immigrants competing with low-skilled American workers. And why shouldn’t they be? These immigrants don’t suppress their wages; they care for their children and clean their pools.

Whenever it is pointed out that illegal immigration tends to harm low-skill workers already here, the comeback is the scurrilous canard that there are “some jobs that no Americans will do.” But most hotel maids, construction workers, coal miners, and workers in meatpacking — all tough, thankless jobs — are U.S.-born. If it is hard to entice legal workers into such positions, here is a radical concept: Pay them more.

[I’ve been saying this for years at my other blog.  The meatpacking industry is a chief employer of immigrant labor.  Bill Clinton even brought in 100,000 Bosnians (one of them was the subway bomber sentenced to life in prison this week in NY, but that is another story) to help his meatpacking buddies.  Readers who worked in meat packing decades ago tell me it was once a highly sought after and highly paid job, but no more.   With the steady flow of refugee labor— Bosnians, Somalis and more recently Burmese—these big companies are pushing mass immigration.—ed]

None of this is to deny that the GOP has a tonal problem on immigration, or that Latino voters care deeply about the issue. Absent a greater economic appeal to all working-class voters, though, it’s hard to see how a rapid, obviously opportunistic turnabout on immigration will help the party much. Amnesty isn’t a quick fix for the GOP’s problems. Would that it were.


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