Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 17, 2012

Re-election of John Boehner as Speaker doesn’t bode well for the future of the GOP (or America!)

Why?  Because according to author and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy it signals that the House of Representatives and the old Republican establishment controlled by the Bush wing of the GOP, has no plans to get tough on the pressing issues of the day.

What are those issues that will ultimately destroy America if not fiercely fought over now?   McCarthy tells us in a piece he penned earlier this week at PJ Media  (Hat tip: Cathy).  Emphasis throughout is mine.

Simply put:  Republicans are all talk and no action!

We’ve now seen enough to draw a conclusion: the Republican Party says what it believes must be said to entice conservative votes at election time, but it is not remotely serious about implementing limited government policies or dealing with the two central challenges of our age, existentially threatening deficit spending and Islamic supremacism.

Please read McCarthy’s whole very detailed case about why the Republicans are, well, wimps! (my word not McCarthy’s) for not standing up for their Constitutional duties in the US House of Representatives on budgetary matters and wimps for not having the guts to support Rep. Michele Bachmann and her handful of cohorts who bravely came forward with information that the Obama Administration has compromised our national security and want an investigation.

In conclusion, McCarthy clearly suggests its time for many of us to move-on:

This has to stop. The current crop of Republican leaders has shown no stomach for the fight. In fact, notwithstanding that President Obama lost a remarkable ten million votes from 2008 in his narrow reelection last week (i.e., 13 percent of his support), House Speaker John Boehner is treating him as if he has a mandate to continue his failed policies – as if the country and its representatives have no choice but to roll over on the immensely unpopular Obamacare law and concede on feeding Leviathan even more revenue and borrowing authority without deep cuts in spending (see Jeff Lord’s account, here); as if the country shares Boehner’s insouciance about the Islamist threat.

By reappointing Boehner and his leadership colleagues today, Republicans are telling us that their answer to failure is more of the same. They have a right to make that choice, but there is no reason why Americans who are serious about our challenges should follow along. The Republican establishment is content with more government, more debt, and more entanglement with our enemies. When called on it, they tell us they are powerless to stem the tide. But the problem is the lack of will and a sense of urgency, not lack of power. It is time to find a new vehicle to lead the cause of limited, fiscally responsible, constitutional government. The Republicans are telling us they are unwilling to be that vehicle. If that is the case, it is time to move on.

I’m ready!

McCarthy is the author of several books and his latest is ‘Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy’ about the disastrous, but much ballyhooed by the mainstream media, historic shift—the Arab Spring.


  1. I totally agree, Ann, the Republicans are beyond pathetic. As for Maryland, I am looking for a group to support. Is there something that looks promising to you? Dan Bongino or Change Maryland? It’s time to put frustration into action!

    • Hi Ellen, I think there will be some good conservative action coming at some point. But, it really depends on whether people will join together or just continue to complain. I will definitely keep you posted.

  2. McCarthy is a typical “complainer” journalist. Good at analyzing problems and weaknesses in others, but not very clear thinking on drawing the right conclusions. “Moving on” is just another way of avoiding the problem of working together with people in the political arena. He wants his own “party” — well, that gets pretty lonely, and doesn’t work in the end anyway.
    The Republican party has to change, and the correct answer is to fix it by participating more aggressively to voice the right message. If Bohner felt the solid support of conservatives, he would certainly act on that support. Just a guess, but I’m thinking McCarthy didn’t do any canvassing or contribution to “his” preferred choice of candidate in the GOP primary. He’s just a “reporter” — so he thinks he’s doing something useful by sitting on the sidelines and “reporting” what others are doing.
    Let him run for office, and see just how hard it is. I would feel real sorry for all the people that thought that he was a loser, and people should “move on” to someone else.

  3. I think I know what the problem may be here. The problem with the republican party is not the republican party. The problem with the republican party is republicans that can no longer identify with their party (Romney gets 3 million less votes than McCain and, of course, they both lost.)

    For approximately 41 years I was a member of the democratic party. I left. I am now an unaffiliated voter because, in all honesty, I do not see the republican party offering much so I went independant.

    What I have to wonder about is this: if you republicans out there do not like what your party is doing (Romney got 3 million less votes than McCain and, of course, they both lost,) leave, like I did. I am not going to swear allegiance to a party that has abandoned my core beliefs.

    Eventually, if it is not already too late, and I still think this can be fixed, we, the true americans, the independants of America will form our own party, but it won’t be a party per se, it will be a bunch of free thinking americans that vote the way that they see fit.

    • Greg, I get where you are coming from but then you have no role in between elections to try to get your ideas implemented. The major parties just go about their business, pick the candidates and then you only have choices chosen by others to vote for every four years.

      • Spoken as a true line wolf, crying in the wilderness. If you could adjust your thinking for “them” to “us” you might find there is a whole lot you can do to rebuild and improve the organization of the Republican Party NOW. If we don’t create a “sea of locusts” to support patriot political action, then we simply condemn ourselves to self-destruction. I say there’s a lot to do to fix up the Republican Party – it is “us” if you choose to join in the cause.
        It is not a good or rational choice to try to create something brand new, and then organize around that. Like marriage, to take an example, stick with the one you married and is available — rather than jumping around hoping the next one will “work out”. The problems of political organization, like marriage and other relationships, are within us, and we have to work on them in a regular, systematic manner to get them to work at peak performance.

      • Lincoln created something brand new, so why can’t we?

      • LIncoln was a practical politician; he used what organizational structure there was available at the time. I think if you study the history, you will see that developments of parties at the time were gradual and logical leading to the actual election of 1860. I imagine that much of the same structure of the old whig party (or whatever) was still in tact, and people simply moved to a new name. A few people at the top simply re-branded the same prior organization. In this days, a few people managed everything, because women didn’t vote, nor did slaves, nor did people under 21. Now, all that is different.
        If and when the Republican Party shows it can no longer function to support individual liberty and limited government by the US constitution, then an obvious need for such a party will emerge (although the LIbertarian and Constitution Parties would claim that territory as well) People see problems with the Lib and Cons. parties, which make re-shaping their operation somehow awkward and time-consuming to say the least. (Think about Ron Paul — he ran as libertarian candidate for president before coming back and trying in the GOP. Why was that, do you suppose?)
        Perot’s effort “united we stand” was a bold scheme, as the “bullmoose” party and John Anderson’s “independent” presidential candidate bid. No steam. Organization integrity, however, can’t sustain itself around a single personality, unless of course it takes on the form of a dictatorial tyranny. Bottom line, it’s more practical to stick with a reasonably sound structure and fix it up, if possible. Divorce is not a good option, when married people have trouble. Let’s try to fix up the structure we have. The GOP, in my mind, suffers from a lack of active participation. Instead of pointing fingers at “them”, let’s get involved and fix the problem. I’m not aware that people are “excluded” from the process of reforming from within. It may be hard, but it is better than any option I see at the present time.

    • Organize the unorganized! Power to the unorganized “independent” thinkers! In Maryland, there used to be a “no-nothing” party, and what you are proposing is a sort of “no-party” party.
      You can’t accomplish very much in politics by everyone going around doing their own thing. In an imperfect world, we really need to organize around basic princples that match up closely with our own — and then work to “shape” that organize to comply more closely with the ideal.
      If it’s “my way” or “no way”, then you simply abandon the field to the best organized, and usually this is not even close to your way. One day you wake up and realize that you are not king of the world, and that we need to develop ways of working with people we don’t agree with entirely; but mostly.
      Now, since the Demwit party has abandoned all patriotic pretenses, taking the cause of radical socialism, look around and find what else is available. THe Republican Party, committed in principle to individual liberty and constitutional government, looks like a pretty sane option to me. Now, you are dabble with Libertarianism and Green and even Constitutional if you want. But they have some flaws that discourage otherwise sane, rational persons.
      So, I say, the practical approach is let’s see if we can “shape” the Republican Party into a lean, mean fighting machine for priniciples that ALL patriotic Americans can easily embrace — and then encourage and invite others to join in to make it a means for electing candidates who with shape our government along the same lines. Why can’t we do that?

      • Lee, I want your specific instructions on how to reform the MD GOP, not in platitudes, in specifics. I want you to name names and tell us how to get rid of the impediments.

        And, I want you to tell us exactly what policy positions you think the reformists should take.

        And, who they are in your mind who would lead the party—-you surely know the players in MD.

        And, then tell us what your plans are to try to bring all that about.

        Once accomplished, how do you bring all of that to the average ‘Joe’…

        I’ll post it as a guest column.

      • Anne, what a lovely and attractive offer. I really appreciate your interest. I hope to be attending more meetings with various groups to elaborate and discuss just the points you raise. I hope we’ll be able to hook up in the process of working out all these details.
        I do think I need to write up a “flight plan” for the “sea of locusts” campaign. And, I already have some written proposals for documents to be used in the campaign we are considering. I’m pleased to share if you email me directly.
        However, any general who plans a campaign knows that you have to adjust from the first day of actual battle. As a long time political organizer, I can tell you the same thing applies in politics, concerning any “flight plan” you might devise.
        Apollo 13 is a great example of “tearing up the flight plan” when a major explosion occurred; and then the whole team of engineers had to devise a new flight plan on the “fly” as it were. But still, good sound engineering principles always apply as you work through each obstacle along the way.
        Again, I do have a “flight plan” and have already prepared some model documents we are discussing to implement it. I think it would be good to set this down in a writing, so it can be applied to many similar situations. I’m already in contact with patriots in New Mexico, who are thinking and moving along the same lines. So, we will learn and share experiences as we move forward. The plan is sound, but the details have to adjust to circumstances on the ground, as it were.
        On this blog, I don’t know if attachments are possible, but certainly, anyway can write and I’ll share: I’ll be informing most closely those connected with websites I manage: “Free State Patriots” and “Patriot vetting committee” The PVC has a facebook page.

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