Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 16, 2012

Ann Coulter: We are bringing in the third world (to vote)!

Coulter:  “Democrats haven’t changed anyone’s mind. They changed the people.”

Ann Coulter pretty much nails what we already know.  Immigration is changing the face of America.  Immigrants need stuff and in exchange they vote for Democrats.   I’ve been appalled by what I’ve learned since I first began following the State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program during the BUSH ADMINISTRATION; and that is just one of many programs to “welcome the stranger.”

Besides refugees, the number of asylum seekers are skyrocketing (immigration lawyers are expanding the definition of asylum for gays, victims of crime and spousal abuse cases, etc).  The Temporary Protected Status law is being misused, and I will bet most of you don’t know about the Diversity Visa lottery where we bring in 50,000 immigrants a year from a lottery whose primary purpose is to, guess what!  increase our diversity!  (If you are interested in learning more about these LEGAL immigration programs, follow my posts at Refugee Resettlement Watch, where, by the way, we have a Samantha Power update).

Here is Coulter (Demography is Destiny!) who doesn’t mince words (emphasis mine):

Liberals brag about having won the hearts and minds of America, as if, through logic and argument, they’ve persuaded people to accept their bankrupt European socialist ideas.

Democrats haven’t changed anyone’s mind. They changed the people.

The Kennedy legacy!

Most Americans don’t realize that, decades ago, the Democrats instituted a long-term plan to gradually turn the United States into a Third World nation. The country would become poorer and less free, but Democrats would have an unbeatable majority!

Under Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act, our immigration policy changed from one that replicated the existing ethnic population to one that strictly favored unskilled immigrants from the Third World. Since 1968, 85 percent of legal immigrants have come from what is euphemistically called “developing countries.”

We are importing poverty!    It is my theory that the Hard Left (including Obama) took Alinsky’s lessons to heart—the battle to bring Socialism/Communism to the US must be waged between the “halves” and the “halve-nots” and since we were running out of American “have-nots” in a prosperous America, they went to plan B which is to import the “have-nots.”

Coulter continued:

Because recent immigrants have no skills, they arrive in dire need of government assistance. Their desperation has been an enormous boon to the Democratic Party.

Thirty-nine percent of native households receive some form of government assistance. By contrast, 57 percent of immigrant households — legal immigrants — get government assistance. We can’t do anything about the native population, but why on Earth is America taking in immigrants who require taxpayer support?   [By the way, the number is 100% for refugees on government assistance of some sort—ed]

If you come to America and immediately go on welfare, by definition, you are not a desirable immigrant. Except as a voter for the Democratic Party.

But, here is where Coulter goes wrong!

The only hope is to run another appealing Republican candidate in four years — when we’re not up against an incumbent president — and return our immigration policy to one that helps America and not just the Welfare Party.

The Bush Administration was full steam ahead in bringing in the third world, why would we think the moderate Romney would be any different?

In 2002 we slowed the refugee resettlement program only because Washington was scared s***less about terrorists getting in with the needy.   But, after that Bush opened the floodgates.   Just look at the Somali refugee numbers alone—in the Bush years (and after 9/11) we brought nearly 50,000 hardcore poverty cases (Muslim Somalis) to the US in addition to tens of thousands of other impoverished people.    Just as Bush didn’t return our immigration policy to a sensible one, Romney would not have changed any of this!

Nor will any of the Republican leadership (under Boehner and the boys) ever take this on.  (I found a new version! click here, to understand why Romney, if elected, and Boehner would not change a thing.)

And, one final point for all of  my critics who will say most of these new immigrants aren’t citizens and can’t vote.  I’ll bet you a buck that many of the Somalis who were bused into polling places in Columbus, Ohio recently were not yet US citizens.  Columbus is one of the primary resettlement cities in the US for Somalis.  Minneapolis, however, has the largest population of politically active Somalis in America and gets the honor of being called “Little Mogadishu.”



  1. The Mideast is dangerously close to an all-out, regional war with weapons of mass destruction. Where do you think all the refugees will wind up should the chemicals and nukes start flying? Egypt has 82 million people. Saudi Arabia has 28 million. Israel has 8 million. Kuwait and Bahrain another 3 million. The US has close ties with all these nations.

    • And, you know what! Saudi Arabia takes NO refugees—any Somalis who get in there are immediately deported to Mogadishu. Rohingya Muslims who got in there are in prison. Egypt is rapidly getting rid of its Black African refugees (Muslim or not!). And, Israel is being castigated for trying to keep its borders closed to the refugees coming from Egypt.

      LOL! I remember when a couple hundred Muslims (Russian Turks) were coming to Hagerstown and Congressman Bartlett asked a delegation of citizens with questions—“Why isn’t Saudi Arabia, a rich country, taking these Muslim refugees?” Really a good question but a naive one. Saudi Arabia is already a Muslim country and they are working on turning the western world into an Islamic caliphate, so that’s why they come here (with the help of Christian bleeding hearts like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—ahhh! don’t get me going!).

      Of course we will get more refugees and one person who will really be happy about it is Samantha Power (and of course her boss Obama).

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