Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 14, 2012

Whites (racists!), led by Nancy Pelosi, cheer defeat of black Congressman

Update November 18th:  Nancy Pelosi might have jumped the gun, the Florida recount continues, here.

Let me get this straight!  We oppose Obama for his socialist policies, but are called racists.  So, I guess fair is fair and we can now call these white members of Congress racists for working to defeat a southern black man—Allen West.

I guess we can conclude that the Democrats are returning to their historic racist roots.

Watch Pelosi kissing up to Dem Patrick Murphy from Florida here at Gateway Pundit, but be prepared to be sick!

Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans have invited West to move to Georgia and run from there.

I would like to see West organize a national Tea Party.  For awhile it worked to have an amorphous leadership situation in the Tea Party, but I’m thinking it’s time to get more formalized (if you know what I mean!).   And, while I’m dreaming, let’s have Sarah Palin AND Allen West get this off the ground.



  1. Dreaming is one thing, but I can tell you it’s not so easy to organize people together in reality for worthwhile purposes. Better to take the broken Republican party and fix it, rather than try to start something new like the “Perot” experiment many of us pursued some years ago.
    The Republican party is slowly evolving in the right direction, and there is plenty good in its basic structure. We need to do some serious house-cleaning and renewal of course. But frankly, I can already see some excellent progress so far. I hope I don’t need to be specific and personal, because the state of Maryland has been a breeding ground for much of the current political corruption in both parties at the national level. We have the dubious distinction of being the laboratory for socialistic corruption for the nation.
    But there is another tradition that is more patriotic in Maryland, and I choose to call Maryland patriots to that deeper cause of commitment to this great experiment of freedom. Marylanders have been a part of history since before the revolutionary war. So many battles for freedom have been played out in our little state — why not now yet again! Calling all patriots to marshal on the green! We start turning around this drift to socialism right now in Maryland — it will sweep the nation as in times past.

    • First, there is no sense beating around the bush, people need to know by name who the problem people are.

      And, tell me, what exactly are the main issues the MD GOP is working toward? In order to recruit members those people need to know specifically what are the policy positions the MD GOP holds—and not some mumbo jumbo about lower taxes and good government. Be specific. Why should people join the MD GOP?

      It strikes me that their only role is to try to raise money, but for what?

  2. I do not mean to be overly critical here, but, in my view, if the Republican Party can not defeat Obama after everything that he has done to this country; fast and furious, black panthers at voting booths, refusal to enforce immigration law and sueing those who do, the Benghazi situation, and the list goes on and on. The Republican party is toast! I believe that real Americans have to look beyond the republican party if America, as we knew it, is going to be saved. I do not believe that Allen West moving to Georgia is going to save the world.

    • Greg — I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. I’ve had it with the GOP myself -especially the MD GOP. I would love to see a West-Palin or Palin-West THIRD PARTY ticket. Let the Dems try to accuse THAT ticket of not being inclusive. But more importantly, it would inherently be a Constitutionalist platform – which is EXACTLY the direction our entire country needs to go right now, if we EVER hope to save the country from the total destruction that Obama and his ilk are hell-bent on doing.

    • Agree, but it’s going to take a lot more than a few celebrities like Palin and West to turn our nation around. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Look at California. Only after the collapse of the welfare state is obvious to all can the return to Constitutionalism begin.

      • Paul, don’t you wonder why people aren’t looking at Europe at this very moment and seeing our future. Once people get decades and decades of entitlements and government stuff, they don’t give it up without a fight. Frustrating that we can’t learn from history, or learn from something happening right in our faces in Europe right now!

    • Party by personality — dividing up the “white” and “gender” differences, and getting a “hot” personality out in front — is not a sensible long-term strategy for success. We already had the Ross Perot effort. Nice try, but no cigar. In a battle against a super-power (the Demwit gang), we have to work together more than ever. The Republican party, as long as it can be salvaged, is our best hope to unify strength at a high enough level to overcome the opposition.
      We need to get involved and fix it up. I’ve already seen some very positive changes. We just have to keep moving in that direction more. No candidate is going to be “perfect” — but let’s don’t lose sight of the practical issues involved. Far too many people, no matter how passionate they feel about a candidate, is likely to overcome the pressure of large-scale insanity from a seasoned body of gangsters.
      Palin lost her credibility as a viable candidate when she abandoned her post as governor of Alaska. That said, she still has a strong message and is very useful as a voice of reason and truth. We need her very much. So too, let’s get West back into the game. Let’s support him as well as those other brave candidates may not have gotten enough votes to win in the last election.
      Let’s work together like a “sea of locust” to push back the political insanity that is around us. Stay cool, guys.

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