Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 13, 2012

Something smells with this whole Petraeus scandal!

I know!  That is an understatement!

I’m still ticked off that former General and now former CIA Director Petraeus couldn’t control his urges and thus put the US in potential danger (and that he promoted that utterly ridiculous story that the video made the Islamists kill four in Libya!), but with news this morning that the FBI is also looking at e-mails from General John Allen, I’m smelling a rat.

It all looks like the well-known Obama/Jarrett/Axelrod create chaos and destroy-the-opposition-with-salacious-stories modus operandi is in full swing!

The theory that Obama was trying to keep Petraeus from testifying on Benghazi is too simple, because he can still be subpoenaed.  And, that damn well better happen!

So what could Obama really be up to?  He could be just distracting the press from our Libya debacle. Or, What if Obama wants to make sure the CIA and the military are neutered, thus further diminishing our role in the world?  Or, I shudder to say it, what if Obama has big plans and wants to make sure the military doesn’t get too pushy?  This is his way of warning them.  But, LOL!, we aren’t supposed to think about Commie conspiracy theories (right Henry!).

I started thinking about this yesterday when I read this story at the Daily Beast where “sources” at the FBI said that they didn’t think that the e-mail “cat fight” between the girls (Kelley and Broadwell) rose to a level of interest for the FBI.  Remember they supposedly had no reason to connect Petraeus to the chicks in the beginning, or so we are led to believe!

The Daily Beast explains:

The emails that Jill Kelley showed an FBI friend near the start of last summer were not jealous lover warnings like “stay away from my man,” a knowledgeable source tells The Daily Beast.

The messages were instead what the source terms “kind of cat-fight stuff.”

“More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch,’” according to the source, who was until recently at the highest levels of the intelligence community and prefers not to be identified by name.

The base described is MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, where Kelley serves as an unpaid “social liaison.” The source reports that the emails did make one reference to Gen. David Petraeus, but it was oblique and offered no manifest suggestion of a personal relationship or even that he was central to the sender’s spite.

Kelley herself seemed mystified as to what was behind the emails, much less who sent them.

“I don’t know who this person is and I don’t want to keep getting them,” she told the FBI, as recounted by the source.

When the FBI friend showed the emails to the cyber squad in the Tampa field office, her fellow agents noted that the absence of any overt threats.

“No, ‘I’ll kill you’ or ‘I’ll burn your house down,’” the source says. “It doesn’t seem really that bad.”

The squad was not even sure the case was worth pursuing, the source says.

“What does this mean? There’s no threat there. This is against the law?” the agents asked themselves by the source’s account.

No crime found!

Whatever transpired, the FBI agents found no indication that it constituted a crime or a threat to national security. They confirmed this when they interviewed Broadwell and then Petraeus. They are both said to have been forthcoming and consistent, even telling the agents more than they already knew.

So why is Petraeus out for having a little sex under a desk when as Rush says, it was a career enhancement for Bill Clinton?

I hope we get the whole story from Petraeus real soon!  Not the part about Broadwell, but how it came to be that he is out and at this point in our history.

One more thing as an afterthought:  I am not a fan of Petraeus, so I’m not defending him and his behavior.  I never thought his “winning hearts and minds” strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan would accomplish anything—and it hasn’t!  I just want the real truth about Obama’s role in all this.



  1. So many conspiracy theories … so little time. 😉 She had his security password and no threat to national security? Why did the FBI sit on it until after the election? … somewhat related … Who took Stevens to the hospital? When?

    • Yes, all the questions the inquiring public needs to know! Maybe we should make a whole list. By the way, if you got my subscription version of the story I added a p.s. of sorts after my initial posting….

    • Oh, one more thing! How much time to we have, any guesses out there?

      • How much time? Don’t ask me … I was certain that Y2K was the excuse they needed to impose martial law. 😉 Some say we now have martial law – with TSA appearing at political conventions, proms, football stadiums, bus stations, train stations, and highways … NDAA indefinite detention … 30,000 drones authorized … NSA recording all electronic communication … vote fraud … 10% approval for congress, etc.

        I don’t what the best analogy is, but it’s a bit like a ‘surprise break’ in shooting – you slowly and carefully squeeze the trigger until it goes off, never knowing for sure when that will be.

  2. I know this is really “out there” — even for me, and I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone, but here goes:

    The US military has the highest approval rating of any institution in the federal government.

    Is the Obama/Jarrett regime seeking to intimidate the only obstacle left to its transformation of America? Is showing how easily they can destroy even someone as popular as Patraeus and Allen a warning shot across the military’s bow? Are they sending the message, “Don’t even think about interfering with what we have planned for the US over the next 4 years, or you’re next!”

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” — Barack Obama, July 2, 2008

    • Paul, I think that’s where I’m heading as well… But, even the so-called media today can’t seem to get past the sex part of all this and how stupid Petraeus and Allen are. And, of course when did Obama know and so forth.

      • Sex is one’s own private business, and of course everyone lies about it – no big deal – and not a national security issue when President Clinton does it … but now, once again, it is disgraceful, untrustworthy, and a national security issue when the head of the CIA does it? Why do I have trouble understanding this?

  3. This is my theory on the whole subject. If we the people are are all so concerned about Prataeus’ affair, Jill Kelly. and Broadwell, then we are not thinking about the murders in Benghazi, what the administration knew, allowed, whatever. It appears to me to be the blame game and nothing more than, look over here, where we want you to look, instead over here, where you should be looking.

    Who really cares if Patraeus had an affair, other than his wife of course?
    I’m pretty sure that there is more to come on this whole issue…stay tuned.

    • A little scandal covering up a bigger scandal, how clever?*

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