Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 12, 2012

CASA de Maryland in agitation mode; and getting your money!

Here is Gustavo Torres,*  mouth agape, in front of the White House just two days after the election demanding that it’s payback time —they voted for Obama and they want him to deliver amnesty now!  They sure didn’t waste any time (we should take a lesson!).

Now get a load of this! 

Remember Obama gave the “kids” temporary amnesty a few months ago in order to appeal to “Hispanic” voters.  But, now, you! the taxpayers of Montgomery County will be asked to fund their application process as the county would like to give CASA de Maryland a grant for $100,000.   Seems the “kids” don’t even have the $100 application fee so you get to pay it!

From the Montgomery Village Patch:

The Council will hold a public hearing—followed by an immediate decision—on adding $100,000 to the county’s Fiscal 2013 operating budget so that CASA de Maryland can help with applications to the federal Deferred Action program, which allows illegal immigrants who were brought into the country as children and pose no risk to national security or public safety to obtain a work permit and a two-year shield against possible deportation.

Officials expects as many as 7,500 county residents to apply. Applications cost $100 each. County Executive Isiah Leggett recommended last month that CASA de Maryland receive the non-competitive $100,000 grant.

Can’t tell from the calendar, but it looks like the “hearing” will be tomorrow.  If you live in MoCo and care, you might want to check into this.

* See Torres your friendly Sandinista, here.


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