Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 7, 2012

Divided Maryland, divided America

Before I tell you the election results for my home town in Washington County, here’s how I feel…..

An old friend of mine (not a political junky!) and I had a dismal lunch on Inauguration Day in 2009.  We were almost alone in a lovely restaurant  because everyone in America was home watching the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.  Recently we joked that we might be able to soon have a celebratory lunch, but that is not to be.   This is what she said in her e-mail to me a few minutes ago:

Picnic lunch, Jan 20th, Elmwood Cemetery,  brown bag, and maybe bring an oblong box and pick a spot!

That about sums it up for me too!

I have no time or patience to wade through all the information on what happened and it’s too early to give any meaningful answer as to why it happened, but bottomline is that there are two Americas—and I live in one right here in rural Western Maryland and the people who voted for Obama in large numbers live in the cities—in Baltimore and Montgomery County.

Last night I collected the votes right out of the machines in Keedysville and here are the results:

Romney won with 66% of the vote

Dan Bongino won with 66% also

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett won with 59%

Question 4 (instate tuition for illegal immigrants):  Against won by 65%

Question 5 (O’Malley’s redistricting):  Against won by 56%

Question 6 (gay marriage for Maryland):  Against won by 62%

Question 7 (gambling):  Against won by a tiny 50.3%

For Washington County as a whole, Romney won and so did Dan Bongino, but Bartlett lost.   As for the questions, I didn’t bother checking those right now.

What happens next?  I don’t know yet.  The Republican Party establishment has some serious soul searching, but they surely can’t blame the Tea Party since they clearly threw them (us!) out of the party at the convention in Tampa this past summer.   And, I would hate to be Obama because now he has to perform and get the economy on track.  We will all find out, once and for all, if a socialist big government will work.  It is all on him!



  1. hi,
    I think we all know that the fraud of socialism is not a mystery. Catastrophe and dispair is the cards for many — probably most strongly with those who are gloating “4 more years” right now. They have their day. But the truth always comes out in the end. Wait and watch for it… It’s coming for all to see.
    I remember how the “four more years” with Nixon was so gloating and arrogant at the time — meanwhile the “watergate” scandal was quietly taking place at the Washington Post — and Nixon’s victory turned to ashes.

    • Lee, if you are suggesting there is still some hope for say a Benghazigate investigation, it will take some Republicans with ‘you know what’ to push that. We tend not to have the same ruthlessness as the Dems did back in Watergate days. At least not under Boehner….

      • I’m not drawing an exact comparison — only that the dynamics of arrogance and pride always come before a fall. Also, the blue-print for socialist dictatorship is disaster at many levels — something that too many Americans have not personally experienced. Experience involves learning, which is often quite painful. It comes unexpected, when people live in the bubble of socialism.
        In the beginning, everyone smiles for “free stuff” that’s coming. In Hitler’s time, it was “jobs and food” — and for a while things went pretty well. In the end, however, the smiles turned to cries of despair. But the Nazis had their “spring time with Hitler in Germany”.

  2. It’s a sad day for 1/2 of the country!

  3. Ann:
    I’m with you on this post with the exception of your last point. This administration and it’s methods will not be judged on the basis of it’s success in improving our economy, nor is that it’s goal, It’s goal is the further destitution and dependency of the citizenry, and in the furtherance of that agenda they are moving along nicely and should be judged successful, thus far. The majority of those who voted for four more years of the same are obviously already there.

    • Of course I don’t really think he will prove anything but that the socialist agenda does not bring prosperity, it just depends on how much pain we will all experience in the meantime….

      And, I think Rush had it right today when he said that the half of America voting for Obama is voting for Santa Claus and his goodies—the transformation of our country is well on its way, he said.

      I believe we have lost demographically already—and I don’t mean just with immigration, I mean with those who want big nanny government and the kids who have been indoctrinated in the next generation—which is most of them!

      • Yes, we have lost demographically. It is too late to stop the socialist agenda through voting. Last night, we saw the final death rattle of the Grand Old Party. If it can’t defeat Obama, who can it defeat?

        We need to embrace who we now are — the 21st Century’s counter-culture. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as “conservatives,” because there’s nothing left to conserve. We need to start thinking of ourselves as revolutionaries, struggling for liberty against an oppressive establishment. We need to realize we’ll never live long enough to see the return of our freedom, but if we do our part, maybe our grandkids will.

      • I feel your pain and disappointment. But don’t despair. I don’t share the bleak outlook, because truth comes out in the end. And, it may come quite soon.
        First, know that 49 million Americans have a fairly good sense of the usurper’s goal, plans and ambitions, and clearly will never fall for the “santa claus” concept of free stuff. So, start with that rock solid body of support in the “opposition.”
        Also, realize that many more millions of sensible, but irresponsible people, just didn’t vote. They would never vote for the usurper — their problem was being lazy. As they feel the pain, they will be among the first to re-engage.
        As before, look to the disappointment to set in with the kool-aid crowd, when they find themselves without the “free stuff” because there will not be enough people to work for money, when it’s all free. China will cut off the money supply. Printing money just makes it worthless in the end. The gravy train comes to an end at some point.
        Buyer’s remorse will set in more and more.
        The problem for patriots is to communicate, organize, and offer the rock-solid approach of sane, rational, commonsense government.

  4. I attended a post-election briefing hosted by the National Assn of Manufacturing, Business Roundtable, and BIPAC. According to the Uber-Country-Club-Republican pundits, the key to future GOP success is more Latinos, fewer Tea Party “extremists” and doing a better job of explaining the benefits of free market capitalism to the voters.

    In other words, they still don’t get it.

    • How many legal “Hispanic” voters are there? Surely not enough that if Romney got half of them it would put him over the top (and by pandering to the amnesty crowd, he would likely have lost a lot of other voters—like me!)

    • Paul:
      As a fellow patriot, I concur that we stand (even stronger) for bedrock principles of individual liberty, free market, pro-growth regulation, and limited, constitutional government. If we are not a nation of laws, then civil society is lost. There’s only one place for the REAL party of radical socialism — and that’s already been taken by the Demoncrates .
      I do believe that we have to get more patriots involved in regular GOP party activity, and I know that is a concern of yours as well. It’s just too late to stimulate interest in candidates during election time, when there are so many “strangers” who have very little tangible relationship with others in the party.
      I’m proposing a systematic, personal “membership” drive by each county central committee. Make it a questionnaire-survey format, inviting comment, so people can let their views be heard. (I think there’s a real incentive for this, because who else is there to listen to valid, rational complaints about government?) We need to offer something, before asking for contribution; although the two must go together. Listen; and then invite participation. Phone banking and door-to-door is the approach. Keep the names-contacts in a master file to call them up for various projects.

      • Lee, I think its too soon for people to rally around the GOP and go out locally to build membership. Who wants to join losers? I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but that is human nature!

        Let’s just take the MD GOP for example—really what does it stand for??? If you don’t have a very specific platform or policy statement, how on earth do you go about asking people to join—to join what???? The issue of the ballot questions is a prime example. Republicans were sending out messages willy-nilly (or some sold out to the highest bidder as in the gambling issue). There was no unity and therefore, again, what does one join when there is no policy statement!

      • Ann – I’m only pointing in the right direction. The basic principles of freedom and limited government are sound and rational, and the GOP is best positioned to make that a substantial argument for voters in any state. To be sure, there are “operational” difficulties in an organization which has too few people with dischordant voices. But the more people you get involved, the more likely leaders emerge to take that into consideration.
        Some counties need to sift out the RINO’s who are traitors to principles; setting rules for membership on the central committee is a place to begin. A survey of a large number of Republicans in each county can lead to consensus positions on policy. but most important is to encourage larger participation. It’s impossible to function when the only time you get to know people is when candidates are struggling to get out the vote. Active party membership is the logical way forward.

  5. Obama didn’t campaign, he divisively pandered those who don’t understand, history,economics or Christian values and are looking to be given something. How do you compete with that? Our educational system has had such a huge part in creating this mess.

    • PG county is “touch ground” for patriots — and I know the same is true for Montgomery and Baltimore. But the truth is not the power and force of the insane “Obamazoids” — the certifiable hard-core nutcases. They are hypnotized by the new media that reinforces their lunacy. We see it on the national scene, since that insanity is quite popular outside Maryland as well. Their lunacy is, for some, deep and sustaining, but it is, nonetheless, temporary and subject to change.
      The real problem is NOT the nutcases and their lunatic voting patterns, but the many sane, rational people who don’t vote at all! Strange as it sounds, many patriots in sentiment and thinking simply didn’t bother to go to vote! Speaking as a committed, active door-to-door canvasser in PG and Montgomery County, I know the face of the lunatics – but that’s still a minority. I also know the face of indifference and discouragement that self-suppresses the sane, rational voting. Many will vote the right way if there is someone to talk some sense to them.
      I’m convinced that if the type of face-to-face canvasing that I and a few others were doing, were multiplied in every neighborhood of the sanity-challenged counties, the vote results would shift significantly in the right direction. And, that shift would increase from one election to the next.
      It might surprise some of you that the Republican Party is actually growing in in Maryland – more than the Dems. Many people are D’s because they want to vote in the primaries. They are actually patriotic at heart. If the Republican Party were enlivened and made active in the touch areas of Maryland, the shift to red would continue — and that’s the practical way forward in my judgment.

  6. You know, I am just as upset over this election as I imagine all of you are. But now is not the time to climb under a rock with our tails between our legs. I imagine that we feel now the same way that the liberals felt when Bush beat Gore; the disbelief, the: Are you kidding me?

    When I look at the Maryland map, county by county (see Fox news’ country map, click on our state, and check it out county by county. There was a straight line right down through the center of the state, that being: Baltimore county (including Baltimore City,) Harford, Montgomery, St. Mary’s, and Prince Georges. Those are the five counties that voted for Obama, and Obama won the state of Maryland. The other 19 counties of the state voted for Romney. Carroll, Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett voted Romney, as did the Eastern counties.

    My point being this: Western Maryland gets no representation, especially with the new gerrymandered re-districting map. I am wondering if Western Maryland should consider seceding, forming our own state. West Virginia used to be part of Virginia, we could do that.

    If we did that, at least our electoral votes would be counted.

    When I saw the Maryland, county by county map, I was appalled, we need to do something. Do you think this idea is viable?

    • I think it would be great, but probably never happen. Someone recently suggested we give Montgomery and Baltimore counties to DC and let them be a state and leave us the rest of Maryland!

    • Oh,and here’s another thought….how about we all move to Wyoming!

  7. The Republican Party has not just turned its back on our Lord Jesus Christ, but it has used the faithful – betraying God over and over. The Tea Party movement has some positives but it must heed the following caution in Psalm 127:1 “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” In all our actions, we should serve the Lord and be faithful. Judge Roy Moore was re-elected as Chief Justice to the Alabama Supreme Court. After 9 years of tribulation, defamation, and financial struggles – he remained faithful to the Lord and the Lord blessed him. We all have this same opportunity and that is TRUE LIBERTY!

  8. Goodbye America. Hello Greece. Hope all the STUPID MORONS in Maryland as well as the entire country are happy now. They will get what they asked for – the TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY. It’s over now – there’s no use talking any more about it.

    • If you believe that other people, even the majority, control the destiny of man, then your belief in what’s “over” disposes of any further discussion. With that belief, what do you do? Sit around and play cards? Fume and pout? Spend time with the few friends you have and think about the good “old times” until you finally transition at the event called “death”?
      I say it’s not over until we say it’s over. Think about George Washington at Valley Forge. Lots of people thought the US was over at that point too. Everything depends on our vision and commitment. I prefer to believe in the truth which will eventually come out victorious in the end — even if it may involve a lot more work and pain then we had hoped. Patriot politics is not for the weak and quitters. That’s what the other side is about – being weak, enslaved, robots of the state.
      I’ll stand with the remaining patriots and keep fighting for the original vision of freedom based on laws of nature. I suspect others feel even more committed to this vision now that the option of radical socialism is so clear.
      (Incidentally, socialism is Maryland has been rampent for many years. It just didn’t start in the last election cycle. I’m glad that now, more people are waking up in this state, to see it now. So, that’s one positive point that gives me hope. The summertime patriots have pretty much gone — and we are left with the real deal.)

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