Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 4, 2012

In mailer, Scott and Steele pretend to represent the MD GOP

Here we go again, they are no longer leaders in the MD GOP, but Michael Steele and Audrey Scott are pretending to be in a mailer received at my home yesterday. 

At the top in bold letters are the words “REPUBLICAN VOTER GUIDE” with a photo of Steele and Scott and the caption under each photo—“Former Chairman Maryland Republican Party”—telling recipients how to vote on the seven ballot questions in Tuesday’s election.

For many of you it’s inside baseball, but the Maryland GOP is no longer led by the Ehrlichians—Steele, Scott, and the Kanes to name a few—they were voted out!

As I understand it, the MD GOP left it to each county Central Committee to prepare their recommendations for Republican (and other) voters in the county.   Fortunately, everyone is advocating voting “against” questions 4, 5, and 6, but question 7 (the gambling question) divides Republicans in the state so there is no official MD GOP position on 7.

Steele and Scott very clearly are attempting to represent the State Party as “for” on the issue of gambling to Republican voters (or independents) whose voting record indicates they have only voted sporadically and are thus the least likely to know what is going on with the gambling issue or the MD GOP.

Of course they have every right to promote themselves, but it’s this perception of dirty tricks (even against our own people) that has kept the MD GOP down for decades.

We told you about Steele and Scott here recently as well in a post that might have been titled—with Republicans like these who needs Democrats!  



  1. I received that mailer also, they are a couple of asses.

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