Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 25, 2012

Help Save Maryland launches campaign to remind immigrants that they must be US citizens to vote

Below is the press release from yesterday.  I would like to add that with increased efforts on-going now in Maryland to clean up voter rolls it will become increasingly possible to identify non-citizen voters.  And, no matter who wins the Presidency in November, this issue of election integrity will be a leading issue in Maryland for years to come.

ROCKVILLE, MD— Help Save Maryland — a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots citizens’ organization — launched an educational campaign to remind immigrants that if they are not U.S. citizens, then voting in a federal or state election can be a serious crime.

Help Save Maryland is distributing an informational flyer, “Voting Without Citizenship is a Crime” in 5 languages — English, Spanish, French, Korean and Chinese.

“Maryland is home to over 730,000 people born outside of the United States,” says Brad Botwin, Director of Help Save Maryland.  “Many of them are not yet naturalized citizens.  As a service to the community, we want to make sure that all non-citizen immigrants — legal and illegal — don’t make a terrible mistake on November 6th.”

While a few Maryland jurisdictions allow non-citizens to vote in their local elections, in general, non-citizens who vote in Maryland federal and state elections may be subject to fines, imprisonment and/or deportation.  Even registering to vote, or encouraging other non-citizens to register to vote, is a serious crime in Maryland, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

The problem has been made worse by Maryland’s past history of giving drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. And organizations, such as CASA de Maryland, which provide services to illegal aliens, have posted notices in Spanish outside their facilities about helping people register to vote.

“While gathering signatures last year against the so-called Maryland DREAM Act, I repeatedly encountered recent immigrants who believed their Maryland drivers license was proof they were registered voters,” says Paul Mendez, a volunteer.  “In all the excitement of a presidential election, it’s easy to imagine that non-citizens might mistakenly attempt to vote and commit a crime without knowing it.”

“Voting Without Citizenship is a Crime” flyers are available for no charge on Help Save Maryland’s website (

We encourage county Boards of Elections, religious groups, community service providers, libraries, schools, and organizations that serve Maryland’s immigrant population to distribute these flyers, which will also be handed out at polling locations on Election Day by Help Save Maryland volunteers.

Help Save Maryland is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Its mission is to provide facts regarding the cost of illegal aliens who live and/or work in Maryland.  Help Save Maryland fosters public awareness and education, and supports analysis and research.



  1. […] is a cross-post from Potomac Tea Party Report.  I assume other groups, like Help Save Maryland, in other states are undertaking similar efforts […]

  2. Great post, I’m just not sure what to do with it yet. I recently went to the MVA to renew my license and saw all the signs: “Register to Vote here.” I am not surprised that illegals may think that they can vote now, legally. Especially with organizations like Casa de Maryland and Comunidad Latina helping then every step of the way.

    So the illegals go to the MVA, get their license, and register to vote. The voter registration folks register them…why? Because the voter registration folks don’t require anything more than a TV bill to establish residency? Because they are not allowed to ask for a Social Security number? Not allowed to ask for a green card? What?

    Paul seems to be concerned that these people are being tricked into committing a crime. I concur with that accessment, I believe that they are, but I think the deck is stacked, and by the time the crimes will be recognized, charges filed, court decisions come, the election will be well over and committed to the anals of history.

    Like I said, I’m not sure what to do with this yet.

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