Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 20, 2012

Voter ID: not going away anytime soon

Although the Obama Administration (Holder/Perez Justice Department!) has done everything in its power to block Voter ID by claiming that some voters will be disenfranchised because they don’t have photo ID (everyone knows that is ridiculous in this day and age), the issue will not be going away.

If Mitt Romney wins the Presidency, this is one issue we will have to be hounding a new Administration to get done (or at least to get out of the way of the various states as they pass Voter ID laws).

Thanks to Dick for this AP story from the Washington Times:

MIAMI — Tough new election laws aimed at forcing voters in many states to show photo identification at polling places have been blocked or delayed, delighting mostly Democratic opponents who claim they were among a variety of partisan attempts to keep minorities from voting.

Supporters of the measures nevertheless predict they will prevail in the long run. And court battles continue in some states even as the Nov. 6 election draws near.


“The long-term battle on this, opponents are losing that battle,” said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington. Of voter ID laws, he said: “The majority of decisions have upheld it.”


“How can you be against election integrity?” said Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the Houston-based True The Vote group that is monitoring elections and challenging the validity of voter rolls in numerous states.

Don’t forget!  John Fund, an expert on voter fraud, will be the dinner speaker at the Carroll County Republican Central Committee dinner on Tuesday evening!

Go here for information on how to purchase a ticket.  Or call 410-935-7849 for last minute reservations!


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