Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 18, 2012

Was Benghazi a planned (botched!) kidnapping?

Update October 21st:  Why did we just watch for hours and no strike force ordered (here)?

If you wondered why Obama so casually went to bed on the night of September 11th before he knew the fate of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, this theory has some merit.  And, in my previous post I wondered who sent Stevens to Benghazi the day before his death on the anniversary of 9/11—why did he need to be there, at an unsecured location, then?

It seems that about ten days ago, Hillbuzz blogger Kevin DuJan (of the Obama Hawaiian mansion story) first presented his (someone’s theory?) theory of what was behind the Benghazi attack.

Now the Western Journalism Center is advancing the theory, here and here.

Wild theory? Yes!  But, because this event has been so horribly and ineptly mishandled since day one, it does open the door for the development and advancement of alternative scenarios of what happened.

Read Hillbuzz here on October 8th and the Western Journalism Center here yesterday and see what you think.

Update and another question:  A reader asked, how many of the consulate invaders died?  Did our Navy Seals have weapons and did they have a chance to use them before they were killed?



  1. […] video for two weeks and no mention of planned terror attack, here.   Also, see my follow-up post, here, about another theory of what happened in Benghazi (kidnapping gone […]

  2. “Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    • LOL!

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