Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 17, 2012

Obama administration getting rid of 287g program; Virginia county gets notice

Obama has to go!  (but we already know that).

Here is the story from the Washington Post thanks to Judy:

Prince William officials blasted federal immigration authorities Tuesday over a move to change the way illegal immigrants are investigated and detained in the county.

After this year, county law enforcement authorities would no longer be able to investigate the immigration status of people they arrest. Instead, they would only be able to check those arrested against a federal immigration database that contains the names of anyone who has come into contact with federal immigration authorities.

As a result of the change, county officials said that their efforts to root out illegal immigrants who commit crimes would be severely undermined.

“We have a duty to protect our citizens and to make our community safe,” said Corey A. Stewart, the chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. “If someone commits a crime and they are here illegally, they should be deported.”

The news came in letters last week from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the county sheriff’s office, the jail and police department, and as the Obama administration has instructed federal immigration offices around the country to focus on border security and those who commit serious crimes.

The Department of Homeland Security has begun phasing out agreements with local law enforcement agencies across the country to identify illegal immigrants. Prince William County, which passed a measure to crack down on illegal immigrants in 2007, was one of the first jurisdictions in the country to sign such an agreement, known as a 287 (g).

Read it all, there is more!

This is a description of the 287(g) program and a list of counties enrolled.  As readers here know well, Frederick County is the only Maryland county approved for the program.



  1. I’m a little slow sometimes on picking up on stuff… but with a terrorist threat of people that can pass as Mexican it makes no sense for our borders to be so porous. With 20? million people here out of work, it makes no sense to give ‘a path to citizenship’ for 800 thousand illegal aliens. It makes no sense unless you consider it is part of the plan for an American Union … like the European Union … in our track towards one world government.

    • I don’t doubt for a minute that this is all about one world government. And, btw, I communicate from time to time with Texas border watchers and they tell me that OTMs are flowing across—-Other than Mexicans!

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