Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 11, 2012

Study says MD Dream Act would initially be costly to taxpayers

That’s the headline of a Washington Examiner story two days ago.

Allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at Maryland colleges and universities would cost state and local taxpayers several million dollars each for each class that goes through the system, according to a new report.

The federal government would also have to pay about $50,000 a year for each class, adding up to state, local and federal governments sharing a total cost of nearly $7.5 million a year starting in 2016, if voters approve the Maryland Dream Act on the November ballot.


But opponents of the Dream Act warn that even if the benefits outlined in the report are realized, they will be dwarfed by costs to taxpayers from more illegal immigrants coming to the state to take advantage of the law.

Del. Neil Parrott, R-Washington County, who led the fight to get the law on the November ballot, said the state spent $1.6 billion providing services for illegal immigrants in the past year, including housing, health care, school and other costs.

The authors of the report, however, do not believe that passing the Dream Act is likely to increase the number of illegal immigrants coming to Maryland.

So what are the benefits that will eventually outweigh the costs according to the study.   You can’t make this up!

The study by the Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research at the University of Maryland Baltimore County found that eventually these costs would be offset by increases in income and sales taxes, as well as decreases in the costs of operating prisons, “because more educated individuals are less likely to commit crimes and be incarcerated.”

So, if they stay out of jail, get a job right away their salaries rise, they stay in the state and pay taxes, then we might get some of our money back!

And, that is assuming we don’t become a magnet for more illegal aliens!

Vote “against” on question 4 on election day!



  1. DREAMers are here through no fault of their own. They have made America their home. They should be allowed to pursue an education.

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