Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 9, 2012

Hagerstown: Stadium hearing tonight; get opponents views now!

Lynda Evans at The Liberated Conservative Woman has done us a great service by writing this report on a pre-meeting (a “citizen think tank”) that occurred last night in Hagerstown.  Evans represented the Hagerstown Tea Party at the meeting of Republicans, Democrats, candidates for public office and just ordinary citizens who live in the vicinity of the proposed stadium.


Tonight I was invited to attend an impromptu meeting of community leaders and candidates for mayor and city council who are concerned about the proposed new Suns stadium…for whatever reason. Since the community meeting tomorrow night is a presentation by the current elected city officials who have already decided that a new stadium is the best path for the Hagerstown community and taxpayers, I wanted to attend a pre-meeting where I could actually have a voice. I was told that the media would be there. I had my doubts that they would show, but they did. I am anxious to see if it was covered adequately and fairly.

Those running for office who were in attendance were David Gysperts (D) for mayor and five candidates for city council: Penny Nigh (D), Jonathan Burrs (R), Kristin B. Aleshire (D), Jeffrey Coney (R), and Chris Kelly (R). County Commissioner Terry Baker (R) was in attendance but left early. Also in attendance was myself representing the Hagerstown TEA Party; three residents of the C.W. Brooks Building, which is a 60-unit building for seniors located at 45 W. Washington Street; three long-time residents/homeowners on Summit Avenue; petition creators Barbara Hovermill and Julie Rivett; and four relatively shorter-term residents of the area.

Evans then gives us a very thorough report on what the various attendees said about their views of the stadium plan.  Noticeably absent were any elected Delegates or our State Senator Chris Shank.  Attendees were anxious to know their positions on the use of Maryland tax dollars for the project.  Waiting until the legislative session begins in January to learn their positions on state funding seems to me to be unacceptable (will the Dems in the State legislature shove this project down our throats against the wishes of the delegation, I doubt it).    Evans continued and wrapped up:

It is crony capitalism!

I stated that I was there to represent the Hagerstown TEA Party and that we do not support public funding for this project. I feel that the Suns team is a private business that is getting preferential treatment. It is crony capitalism.

She then urges everyone to attend the meeting tonight even if the Mayor and Council are hell-bent on building this massive and expensive project in the heart of downtown Hagerstown.

It is an insult and a scam on the community.

That said, everyone still needs to show up and be heard and make a public record of your questions and concerns. The meeting starts at 6:00pm at Hagar Hall to the rear of the Clarion Hotel at 901 Dual Highway. See you there!

Read it all here.

All of our previous references to the controversial stadium plan are here.



  1. Anne: I sense your frustration with the governance and representation of elected officials in Hagerstown. I wonder that you don’t run for office. At least, why not get behind a slate of candidates that are more sensible and responsive to the voters than the current elected leaders. I would think that such a large group as the Hagerstown TEA Party could discuss this matter and get to a suitable plan of action. Isn’t it better to elected leaders who are sensible and listen to voters; rather than trying to argue with them to force them to listen after they hold all the cards (are already elected)?

    The reason I devote my efforts in patriot politics so much to the election of sensible elected leaders, is precisely because it is such a waste of time trying to argue with people after they have all the power. I’m really tired and bored with signing petitions and rallies to try to change the mind of elected officials. I think it’s much more sensible to spend time getting people elected who will make wise decisions and use commonsense, without shouting and screaming.

    • Lee, excellent point! There are some very good people with the Hagerstown Tea Party who should run for local office. (not me though!)… and remember the Hagerstown Tea Party helped Del. Neil Parrott, the found of HTP, get elected!

      • Anne: clearly, Hagerstown TP has done some great work, and, in my judgment, there is nothing better you can do than get good people elected. Your effort on behalf of Neil Parrott should be your “proto-type” for all further action — just drill down to the council and county executive level, which is your present frustration.

        You know, in Frederick, the parents got so frustrated with the typical “teacher-endorsed’ board of education candidates, that they ran a slate of their own candidates, and I think that was successful, if I’m not mistaken. This is practical action to speak and act like “we, the people” to take back control of government, rather than being dictated to by self-interested politicians.

  2. The Herald Mail did not report that the conversation went from a $9M-$10M upgrade of Municipal Stadium to a $30M-$40M new stadium because THE SUNS OWNERS are demanding it. The Washington Nationals are willing to work with an upgrade. No one will report this.
    Disappointed that they did not report specific concerns that people shared last night. They could have given opponents a voice and they didn’t. Not really.

  3. I am opposed to the new stadium you already have two white elephants sitting across the street from the current stadium why not use them? you will be placing the new one near a beautiful church as well as near an old folks residence and narrow streets are also a concern. use the area you already have and money to expand the stadium It will cost a lot less and both the dual highway and frederick street are wide enough to handle the traffic easily .You could even close the block of Memorial blvd as you did poffenberger road stopping it at the beginning of aetna road at the bridge and then just widen it across to the recycle empty building and using the entire facility.

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