Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 8, 2012

Guest writer: What is Rob Sobhani up to?

Update:  Jim Jamitis writing at Anthropocon says next time Rob Sobhani comes into a few extra millions that maybe he should just buy another house!  See also Jim’s new campaign ad!

Late last week, the MD Reporter posted an intriguing story and a video interview with Maryland’s newest entry into the US Senate race, Rob Sobhani.

Friend and colleague at MD CAN, Cathy Trauernicht, comments below on the latest information on the man who bought his way onto the ballot and has thrown what was a serious head-to-head race between two opposing views on the role of government (represented by Far Left Senator Ben Cardin and his Republican Conservative challenger Dan Bongino) into chaos.   Why did Sobhani do it?  What has he to gain by jumping in with millions of personal/private dollars at this late date?


Some observations and questions ….

Candidate Sobhani begins the videotaped interview with Len Lazarick of the Maryland Reporter by proclaiming that both Democrats and Republicans “are bereft of ideas”.  He says he “found this out after that election 10 years ago, that both Republicans and Democrats seemed to put the party above the country … uh … below the country ….uh ….”  Yes, that’s a quote (emphasis mine).  What election 10 years ago? He waited ’til now to run as an Independent?

He says America is “an exceptional place.  But it’s hurting.  There’s despair.  There is a lot of economic anxiety.”  And he only figured this out in September when he entered the race?!

Now, all you lucky corporate titans out there, pack your bags and get ready for a whirlwind trip with “Senator Sobhani” to … well, it’s not clear to where, but probably in the vicinity of the Middle East where his vast business connections are … because he says, “On day one, I’ll bring all these [Maryland] companies together, get on a plane and go overseas.”  Hold on!  What about the Inaugural Balls??  But wait!  There’s more!  “We’re gonna sign contracts worth a billion dollars!  Each billion dollars creates 7,000 new jobs.”  [That’s $142,857 per job; what kind of job he doesn’t say.]

But in a late September Maryland Gazette interview, Sobhani claimed each $1 billion in transportation spending creates 15,000 jobs.  Oh well, never mind ….

Sobhani then goes on to promise that he’ll produce “$1 billion in private investor money, through public – private partnerships, to build 25,000 new homes in Baltimore.”  That’s $40,000 per home.  What’s the return for investors?  He doesn’t say, but he sure likes that $1 billion number, doesn’t he?

In fact, Rob Sobhani proclaims he’s “going to bring $5.5 billion into Maryland without any amount of it being from taxpayer money.”  Shazzam!  In the September Gazette interview, he promised $500 million for cancer and Alzheimer’s research; but, in his enthusiasm (for vote pandering?), that number increased to $500 billion in the Reporter’s video interview.

Ever so humbly, the candidate says he’ll be “happy to work with Gov. O’Malley once I bring in the money.”

Stay with me on this …..

Is Rob Sobhani upset with Ben Cardin about something?  At one point during the interview, Sobhani chides, “Senator Cardin should be an advocate for his state, not just listen to Harry Reid. …. I’m going to use the prestige of the office of the United States Senator to reach out to these leaders that I know to reach out to these private investors and bring that money into my state.”  (Note: Cardin’s state vs. Sobhani’s state)

“When the Emir of Qatar says that I’m gonna build ships and I’m gonna give the contracts to South Korea, to Singapore and China, but no one’s knockin’ on my door, that’s a shame.”  (“My” door?)

“Where’s Senator Cardin?  Where’s Senator Cardin not to bring that contract into this port of Baltimore?  That’s not right.  And that’s what I’m gonna do as a United States Senator.”

Ah-h-h.  Did Rob Sobhani lose a big contract?  Did he lose face with his Middle Eastern connections?  Did he lose a deal because of Ben Cardin and Harry Reid?  Did he enter the Senate race to teach ol’ Ben Cardin a lesson?

One final observation:  As the interview nears an end, candidate Sobhani offers a tidy summation, “First and foremost we’re Americans, then we’re parents, we’re community organizers.  Let’s stop the [Democrat / Republican] labeling.”  Community organizers?



  1. The export job creation figure and transportation figures are two separate parts of his plan. Peterson Institute for International Economics $1 billion in exports results in 6,000 to 7,000 jobs. Department of Transportation says $1 billion in Federal highway and transit investment supports 13,000 jobs. The $500 billion figure, and the “my” comment, in the interview was an honest mistake, give him at least that instead of tired nitpicking.
    There was never a serious race, Cardin sent all of his money raised to races elsewhere, Maryland is a Democrat state and will stay that way for a long time. The polls show Bongino barely made a dent in the months of campaigning in the Democrat vote (which is the majority of voters in MD), and a smaller one into the independent vote. Bongino wasn’t moderate enough for MD whether or not you like him.

  2. […] Potomac Tea Party Report: What is Sobhani Up To?  […]

  3. I’ve been wondering why Sobhani joined the race as an independant since day one. Usually an opponent does this sort of thing in vengeance, ie., as in Ross Perrot siphoning off 20% of the vote away from his republican opponent, essentially handing victory to the democrats.

    My original thought problem was: Who is he trying to upset? Is he under Cardin’s umbrella, hoping to steal votes from the TEA Party favored Bongino, or, is he trying to dilute Cardin’s base?

    Then I had another thought. This looks to me to be very much the left wing style of hiding things. Drop in at the last moment, no one knows anything about you, come in under the radar (much the way Obama did with his non-voting record in the senate,) and try to steal the election.

    I’m still not sure what’s going here, but I will vote for Bongino, I know where he is coming from.

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