Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 7, 2012

State Department removed security force a month before Ambassador murdered in Libya

Update October 10th:  Closing in on Clinton!  Good, that is what needs to happen!

In case you missed it on Fox News, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has all the latest news on this “bombshell.”  Lt. Col Andy Wood said he met with Ambassador Christopher Smith every day until his security detail was pulled from the country so that he and the Ambassador could strategize to keep the consulate and its employees safe.

See the latest news here.

All of our posts on the Benghazi cover-up are here.



  1. Let’s review:

    The justice dept. sends guns to Mexican drug lords, Americans die because of it, and Holder, the head of the DOJ knew nothing about this? Really? So what is Holder? Incompetent at best, and I’ll let you figure out the worst.

    The State Dept. pulls security troops out of Benghazi a month before the attack, and murder, of our ambassador, one month before the 9/11 anniversary of the attack on our country. So what does that make Hillary Clinton? At best, stupid, and I’ll let you figure out the worst.

    Look at immigration law. Napolitano does nothing to enforce federal immigration law so when the states like Arizona, South Carolin, etc. write their own law that, essentially, mirror federal law, what happens?
    The Holder justice department sues the states to get those laws knocked down. So what does that make Napolitano? At best, a pawn in a political scheme to get Obama re-elected, or, I’ll let you figure out the worst.

    The list is long but, suffice to say, if Obama does not get re-elected, all the incompetency and stupidity, hopefully, goes with him.

    • THis does not surprise me. THe sooner he is gone, the better off this country will be. Bastard PResident.

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