Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 3, 2012

Daily Caller/Hannity reveal Obama’s “other race speech”

Just in case you are one of two or three people who didn’t hear about Obama’s 2007 divisive and inflammatory Hampton College speech in which he basically says the country is out to get black people, here is the story posted at 8:50 p.m. last night and then discussed extensively on Hannity.

I can’t imagine that Obama could possibly bring up Romney’s 47% gaff after this, or for that matter, Romney’s church!

In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.

“The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and Hurricane Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason? Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.”

The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America. The mostly black audience shouts in agreement. The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.


 No complete video of the Hampton speech was widely released.   [until now!—ed]

Readers will recall that Obama gave his now “famous” race speech the following year in Philadelphia in the wake of reports that he had for 20 years listened to the racist rants of his pastor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright (who by the way married Barack and Michelle twenty years ago today).  The mainstream media swooned over the speech.  So, what will they say about this one?

The Daily Caller continues:

Obama begins his address with “a special shout out” to Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago pastor who nearly derailed Obama’s campaign months later when his sermons attacking Israel and America and accusing the U.S. government of “inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color” became public. To the audience at Hampton, Obama describes Wright as, “my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. He’s a friend and a great leader. Not just in Chicago, but all across the country.”

By the time Obama appeared at Hampton, Jeremiah Wright had become a political problem. Wright told The New York Times earlier that year that he would no longer be speaking on the campaign’s behalf because his rhetoric was considered too militant. And yet later in the Hampton speech Obama explicitly defends Wright from unnamed critics, a group he describes as “they”: “They had stories about Trinity United Church of Christ, because we talked about black people in church: ‘Oh, that might be a separatist church,’” Obama said mockingly.

O.K. “speaking of stories abut Trinity United Church of Christ,”  Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily has an article yesterday—a shocker he calls it and that is an understatement.   I’ll let you go read it yourself.  He says he has more to come.   I had been wondering why I was getting so many hits on old posts I had written about Michelle not being happy and about the abrupt resignation of Obama body man Reggie Love (like this post).  LOL! Not that I had any information other than a gut feeling from all of my reading that Michelle was/is not a happy camper.

You just know that Michelle would like nothing more than to be ensconced in that Hawaiian mansion come January.



  1. A very interesting story, but:

    I view Obama as an anti-colonialist, socialist thats needs to go. I do not really care about his sexual preferences or that he may or may not be a muslin, though it seems he certainly is a muslim sympathizer at a minimum

    I now notice, just one day after the debate that Obama lost, that there are a ton of negative ads on the internet about Romney, in spanish, followed by a
    “sign up to vote on line, click here to get started” link.

    Wonder what’s that all about? lol

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