Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 2, 2012

Help Save Maryland kick-starting campaign on Ballot Question #4

The leading immigration control group in the state—Help Save Maryland—has begun to run radio spots on one of several important ballot questions that voters will have an opportunity to vote on next month—will taxpayers help pay for the college educations of illegal aliens here in Maryland?   O’Malley says yes, how about you?

Please visit Help Save Maryland here, to listen to the ad, get a fact sheet and donate to the cause.  The radio spot will run more frequently if enough money can be raised to keep it going.

Update:  Cecil Calvert alerts us to a special donation matching opportunity for Help Save Maryland, here.

Meanwhile, what is that rumbling coming from the Romney campaign about “comprehensive immigration reform.”  We might need immigration reform, but “comprehensive” reform sounds like a repeat of the failed approach the Bushies (and John McCain) promoted back in 2007 which many in the public believed would result in amnesty.

Here is the Washington Times on the story (which I heard about on my local radio station):

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday downplayed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s recent statement that if elected president, he would not deport illegal immigrants granted special visa status under a program initiated by President Obama and said the election is still likely to hinge on the economy.

Mr. McDonnell, when asked on CNN’s “Starting Point” whether Mr. Romney was “softening” his immigration stance, first pointed out that comprehensive immigration reform is just another example of an issue that Mr. Obama has failed to deliver on.

Mr. Romney told the Denver Post that the people who have received a special two-year visa under the president’s program should expect that the visa would continue to be valid.

Romney’s mantra:  We will only talk about the economy and jobs, we will only talk about the economy and jobs, …..(aka the Stuart Stevens doctrine).   Of course, illegal immigration is about the economy and jobs, but they still aren’t going there!

By the way, digressing from the point of this post, check out the stats for Washington County on employment, home sales, auto sales etc. published in the Hagerstown Herald Mail yesterday, here (link to pdf is on the page).  The economy is improving slightly and Romney’s Stuart Stevens doctrine could come back to bite him if voters note the improvement and don’t want to rock the boat by choosing a new President.

Endnote:  Just as I said in my previous post on Dan Bongino—in the absence of money for TV ads, voters (not just Republicans!) need to receive printed information in their homes about the ballot questions for next month.  Time is running out!



  1. It is very sad that little Help Save Maryland is the only group standing up to CASA de Maryland’s multi-million-dollar steamroller of propaganda.

    Question 4 is easily the most important ballot question in the nation when it comes to the subject of illegal immigration. If the people of Deep Blue Maryland reject in-state tuition for illegal aliens, that will reverberate nationwide. It will encourage statehouses and grassroots activists all across the country by showing them that citizens can still stand up to the cabal of Big Business, Big Religion and Ethnic Pressure Groups that control our politicians.

    Yet I am not aware of a single dime coming from the major players in the anti-illegal-alien-industrial-complex to help fight Question 4 (with the notable exception of Judicial Watch).

    It seems to me that all the politicians and advocacy groups that SAY they are against illegal immigration aren’t willing to put their money where their mouths are. It seems to me that they’d rather see illegal immigration persist as a chronic condition so they can continue to raise money and stir up their base rather than do something practical to stop it.

    • Yes, Paul, I agree. And, this time last year everyone (including at some of the DC anti-illegal immigration groups) was singing the praises of the grassroots folks that spent so much time and energy getting this issue on the ballot in the first place! Where are they now?

  2. […] Vote “against” on question 4 on election day! Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  3. I wish they would right these quesions in plain english. I had to come to this site to make sure I vote against the dream act in Maryland. Where they added the vetrans getting instate tuition, it gets confusing. I am voting AGAINST #4.

    • Good!

  4. […] time the DNC’s chosen big dog has been brought out to attack Help Save Maryland for running a few radio spots about voters having the opportunity to speak on the issue of instate […]

  5. […] time the DNC’s chosen big dog has been brought out to attack Help Save Maryland for running a few radio spots about voters having the opportunity to speak on the issue of instate […]

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