Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 2, 2012

Dan Bongino, “next Ronald Reagan,” featured at WND

World Net Daily has posted a lengthy feature story on Maryland Republican Senate candidate Dan Bongino which I urge you to read and send to your friends.

Here are some of the basics that most of you know but your friends might not:

As a former Secret Service agent who was tasked with protecting President Obama and President George W. Bush, Dan Bongino saw things most people never see in Washington.

“I am so fed up with insider politics, games and insulated lifestyles and political celebrities,” Bongino told WND. “You know there’s that saying: If you don’t decide to change it, you are destined to be ruled by people lesser than yourself. I was very upset at the direction in which the country was going. And I felt that it was time for action.”

So Bongino quit his lucrative job to run as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate against Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin, who is ranked as the third most liberal Senate Democrat. He’s been endorsed by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah; Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and other leading conservatives.

In response to Obama’s “you didn’t build that,” Bongino counters with:  Obama didn’t build the roads either!

As for Obama’s statement declaring, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that,” Bongino has a few words for the president:

“We built that!” he said. “We built the roads, too! Those are our tax dollars. There’s no such thing as public dollars. Those are private dollars confiscated by the government, vis-à-vis tax policy – some for good causes and some for not – but he didn’t build that.”

It is good, read it all.

So how is Dan doing?  Blogger Michael Swartz at Monoblogue on Saturday reported on a recent Gonzales Poll that doesn’t sound good for Maryland conservatives generally.   In fact, if it weren’t for the spoiler Sobhani, Cardin would be shaking in his boots (his 50% should have shocked the heck out of him) about Bongino.

There are rumblings that Sobhani has some skeletons yet to appear from his closet, but I fear it is too late.  His TV ads are taking their toll.  While door knocking this past Saturday a couple of people who had voted Republican in the past told us they were voting the “independent” Sobhani—they only know him from those ads, but they “know” him!

Is there still hope for Bongino?  Yes, I believe so, but it will take one massive push of door knocking, phone calls, and Bongino must get a letter or his literature into peoples’ homes in the next few weeks—the sooner the better.  And, it would be a huge help if some big names came to Maryland and forced the media to take note of Bongino.  Maybe that is in the works already.

Here is my little rant!  LOL!  You can stop reading here if you don’t want to hear it!

Most voters are not on the internet.  We in our conservative little bubble are gobbling up the news daily from the web, yak with each other, and assume everyone else is like us.  They are not!  Many voters are elderly and don’t even have a computer in the house, yet we seem to think that articles spread around on blogs and internet news aggregators reach most people.  It does not!

I found while volunteering for the Brian Murphy gubernatorial primary campaign that voters need a piece of paper at home in which a candidate (who can’t afford much TV) spells out his or her governing philosophy or agenda.  Murphy never sent out a letter to voters.  The media blocked him by only rarely reporting on him (the Hagerstown Herald Mail refused to cover his visits to Washington County) so his name did not appear in people’s homes—- a candidate MUST get his name into peoples’ homes in other ways.  Sobhani knows that and has his own private funds to do it!

Oh, and the media is happy to cover Senator Ben Cardin passing out federal grant bucks over the last few months.  Bongino, or any challenger, must overcome that media attention.

And, one last thing—when getting ones name in printed form onto voters’ kitchen tables, it doesn’t mean the candidate needs a bunch of glossy palm cards.  Why not a simple paper tri-fold that, with a few simple phrases on a range of issues,* spells out the difference between the challenger, the incumbent, and in this case Mr. private moneybags Shobani.  Maybe something like that is in the works already?

Finally, most average voters (not the policy wonks, party diehards or news junkies) will vote for the candidate they have met.  How many people have actually met Ben Cardin?  Remember Republican Scott Brown famously won that special election in Massachusetts by traveling around the state in his pick-up truck and meeting voters one on one.   It works!

* Romney is making this mistake by sticking with jobs and the economy.  He should be citing his differences with Obama on Immigration, the Social issues and hopefully soon at least on National Security.



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  2. Great posting! I just forwarded it to Dan.

    Press On! ~Cathy

  3. I am sorry that Dan Bongino failed to defeat Cardin. Then again, given the horrible political atmosphere of the State of Maryland (I lived in the Baltimore Metro Area for over 12 years before I moved to the Midwest in Sept02), I was not surprised. Cardin is an amiable sycophantic jackass who probably needs written permission from Harry Reid to use the Senate Restroom. I spent several years living in Cardin’s district when he was a Congressman, and had the pleasure of voting against him in 96 and 98.

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