Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 1, 2012

Shut up John McCain

One guy who really needs to go away right now on the Libyan atrocity is Senator John McCain.

McCain went on the talk shows Sunday and called the Obama Administration “ignorant” and “inept” which may be so, but McCain would likely have been in that same boat himself had he been President.

He is in no position to criticize the Obama Administration on Benghazi since he and Senator Joe Lieberman were leading advocates of arming the rebels in Libya when even the most casual observer knew that they didn’t know who the hell they were arming!

So, let’s not forget who else was in the chorus to overthrow the Libyan government at the time (and who wants to arm the rebels in Syria now)!

Here is McCain in February 2011.  CBS: US Senators say arm the Libyan rebels:

Two senators said today the Obama administration should recognize a provisional government that seems to be taking shape in Libya’s eastern half, and offer military aid to rebels seeking to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi.

The two Senators made those comments while schmoozing in Cairo where they also had backed the wrong horse.

The two lawmakers spoke Sunday from Cairo, where insurgents toppled the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak earlier this month.

There are many more stories like this one!   Past time for McCain to retire?



  1. […] Update:  Senator McCain should keep his mouth closed on this because we know he too urged arming the rebels when they had no clue who they were […]

  2. 3 “Tyrannical” Dictators who wouldn’t sell their oil to the U.S. and the result of their action. Saddam Hussein. Dead. Moammar Khadaffi. Dead. Mahmoud Ahmindinajad. U.S. “ally” Israel threatening to start war with Iran over “nuclear” program. Iran has ZERO nuclear warheads at the time. Iran has PLENTY of gas at the time.

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