Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 29, 2012

Rep. Peter King calls for UN Ambassador Susan Rice to resign

Here is the news this morning at Politico:

Rep. Peter King called for the resignation Friday of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice for initially saying that the deadly Sept. 11 assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was spontaneous.

“I believe that this was such a failure of foreign policy messag[ing] and leadership, such a misstatement of facts as was known at the time … for her to go on all of those shows and in effect be our spokesman for the world and be misinforming the American people and our allies and countries around the world, to me, somebody has to pay the price for this,” the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee told CNN.

Read it all.

As readers can tell, I’m obsessed with this story.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the Administration had to gain by sacrificing Susan Rice (although it’s o.k. with me!—one “humanitarian vulcan” down and two to go!)  But, what on earth were they thinking, Rice looked ridiculous on September 16th and she looks like an utter fool now.

In my mind there are two possibilities (you may have other ideas)—either the administration was really hoping to draw the media off the story and thought the public would actually believe that the goofy video was responsible for the murder of Americans on 9/11.  Indeed  Hillary was blaming the video for the turmoil in the Middle East as early as September 13th, here.  So, that leads to my other possibility—that Ambassador Rice was sent out on the 16th to draw fire from Hillary.  Instead of clamor now for Hillary to resign, the fall guy could be Rice.

Susan Rice is (was!) one of two people (the other is Sen. John Kerry) who have been named as possible replacements for Hillary IF Obama wins a second term.

Benghazigate here we come!



  1. Call for Susan Rice to resign? I have a better idea, I’m calling for the UN to resign! Throw them out, cut off the (our) money and let them go somewhere else, and see how that works out for them.

  2. Misspoke, meant throw them out.

  3. […] (Road to Benghazi) yesterday also suggests that Rep. Peter King, who over the weekend repeated calls for US Ambassador Rice to resign, should launch an investigation into the possibility that American weaponry was used against our […]

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