Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 28, 2012

Krikorian: Obama’s “otherness” is what appeals to elitists

Mark Krikorian is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC.  We have often cited his work here at PTPR.   Yesterday he posted this short piece at National Review Online (hat tip: Judy) in which he gives us a theory about why Obama continues to be popular with “post-America” elitists.

After relating Madonna’s rant this week about Obama being a Black Muslim, Krikorian says this (emphasis mine):

Obviously, Madonna doesn’t really think he’s a Muslim (frankly, no one seriously believes he’s a Christian, either), but it’s clear that many of Obama’s supporters want him to be a Muslim, want him to have been born in Kenya. (This is precisely why his publicist advertised him as a Kenyan immigrant raised in Indonesia.) I guess I already knew this, but it really hit home that the greater his “otherness,” the more the post-Americans like him, precisely because they don’t like America or Americans. So the more non-mainstream he is, the more he differs from ordinary Americans, the better.

Why isn’t just being a black man enough for them?

The fact that Obama is half-black is part of his appeal to the post-American crowd, but it’s not sufficient. A conventional black American wouldn’t hold the same appeal for these people — say, Colin Powell or Condi Rice or, among Democrats, say Doug Wilder or Harold Ford. They’re just not post-American enough — different enough. Even Colin Powell, the son of Jamaican immigrants, is too patriotic, too American for them — evidence for which is that no one would be demanding to see his birth certificate or imagine that he was a secret Rastafarian.

The US Leftwing (and some not so Leftwing) political class is discomfited by ordinary Americans!

….the infatuation with Obama’s otherness — is at the center of the left’s worldview.

Read it all!

I believe Krikorian may have hit on an important understanding of what is going on in American politics regarding immigration as well.  Changing “America’s chemistry” is the driving force behind the Open Borders movement.   And, this isn’t just a Leftwing elitist politician’s dream, but some on the political right demonstrate that they too aren’t very comfortable themselves with Americans of the country class (as described by Angelo Codevilla in his important treatise, here).

And, this is why the ruling class hates the Tea Party so much—-we are uncool, ordinary, patriotic Americans!

There is a hint in here for Romney too.  We will see if his campaign gets it (so far they haven’t).



  1. There is no doubt in my mind that “changing America’s chemistry” is in play here. The democratic party is big on immigration, both legal and illegal. They see it as voter registration. The immigrants come here, they are poor, they want welfare, food stamps, etc., and the Dems, the party of big government, big programs give it to them. The immigrants always register, and vote democratic, which empowers the democrats.

    The part that I’ve never understood, until recently, is: when the establishment republicans are in power, why does this not change? The answer, as it turns out is, the republicans want the immigrants just as bad as the dems do, but for a different reason. Republicans are beholding to the their business campaign contributors. Those business’ use immigrant labor to reduce their labor costs and reduce their tax burden. So, the establishment republicans are just as in favor of immigration as the Dem’s are.

    Find a campaigning politician, democrat or republican, ask them about their position on immigration, and watch them run!

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